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Welcome to the Fan Fiction area of Kaniacs!  Enjoy reading the creative stuff here, by our fellow Kaniacs.  All stories will be rated, relating to the content of the story for violence etc.  Be aware that no *hardcore/X rated* stuff will be published here.  Mild is ok!  If you have any fan fiction relating to Kane, send it in to and we'll publish it here for you :o)

The Missing Link ~ By Snowy
Tombstone's Revenge
(Sequel to The Missing Link) ~ By Snowy
What It Takes ~ By Anne

The Missing Link ~ By Snowy

Scene 1/Act 1



Kane enters the ring, he's up against Regal tonight and can't wait to teach him a lesson about cheating with brass knuckles.  Regal paces back and forth and Kane just stands there towering over him and looking him straight in the eyes.

The bell rings, Kane and Regal are at it. Kane gets the upper hand and throughout most of the match Kane appears to be heading towards victory.

Act 1:

The crowd is cheering loudly as Kane delivers a chokeslam on Regal, but as Kane kneels down to cover Regal he is hammered in the face by the Brass Knuckles. Kane falls backward and Regal starts crawling towards the Big Red Machine in anticipation of winning the match.

All of sudden Regal looks up, he can't believe what he is seeing, Kane slowly turns his head wondering what it is that has attracted Regal's attention, and, with eyes barely open, sees it as well.

A rope, very, very long, swinging towards the ring, and at the end of that rope….a figure, dressed in the same outfit as the Big Red Machine, red and black with a MASK as well. It is a tiny figure, looking more like a girl's figure (due to the two lumps on the chest) with brown curly hair protruding from around the mask.

The rope swings forward and the figure drops into the ring, but she does not let go of the rope. She slowly walks up to Kane, bends down, stares into his eyes and caresses his hair. She then gets up and walks over to where Regal is laying, reaches forward and takes the brass knuckles out of Regal's pants. She then places them on her hand, kneels down and ….. WHAMMO…whacks Regal in the face with them. Regal is out like a light.

Very quickly she turns around and runs toward the ring ropes, jumps to the top rope and then pushes off swinging on the rope again. She passes the ring twice and then finds she has enough power to swing up back up to where she came from. She then disappears.

Kane turns his head and looks at Regal, he is out cold and slowly makes his way over to where he is laying, he drops on top of Regal, the count is on…ONE…TWO…THREE…and KANE wins the match. He then turns over and stares up into the darkness wondering what he had just seen and where it went to.

End Scene 1/Act 1


Scene 2/Act 2


Scene 2:

Kane has just entered the ring, he is standing there with eyes fixed upon Kurt Angle, muscles exploding from his arms, tensions are running high between these two because it was Kurt, who, only minutes before, had laid a surprise attack on Kane backstage along with Stephanie McMahon who had instigated the plan.

The Big Red Machine was NOT going to lose this one. Stephanie was walking around inside the ring with a big smirk on her face mocking the Big Red Machine. The Umpire asked her to leave several times, but Steph being who she is, completely ignored him.

Act 2:

The bell rang and immediately Kurt Angle pounced upon Kane, however, Kane surprised Angle and sent him flying over the top rope. Stephanie quickly climbed to the outer ring, jumped down and helped Angle back on his feet.

Kane leapt over the ropes and headed towards Angle, Stephanie quickly stood back, and then crept, ever so quietly, behind the Big Red Machine. As Kane was picking Angle up he suddenly felt an overwhelming pain on his back, he dropped Angle and turned around, sure enough, there was Stephanie holding the bell. He dropped to his knees. Stephanie started screaming at Kane, but little did she know what was heading her way!

All of a sudden, out of mid air came that rope, that same rope that appeared during Smackdown only days before and yes, hanging on that rope was the masked figure. Kane could only watch her in awe as she swung incredibly fast towards him, then quickly she took a slight turn, and before anyone really knew what was happening….WHAM…the figure, using both feet, slammed them straight into Stephanie's back and then with rope still in hand disappeared as quickly as she had appeared.

Stephanie was hurled forward with such great force that she collided with Angle and took him down with her.

Kane rose to his feet and slowly turned and looked down at Kurt and Stephanie who were just laying there, then he tilted his head to one side, turned his body slightly and looked up into the darkness above, he slowly, step by step, walked over to the other side of the ring, eyes fixed upon the spot where the masked figure had last been seen.

He shook his head several times, as if to wake himself up from a dream, looked around the auditorium and then turned around and approached Angle. Angle was starting to awaken when Kane decided to deliver another chokeslam. Ignoring the fact that Stephanie (who was unconscious) had set out to hurt him in any way she could, he very gently lifted and placed Stephanie a short distance away from Angle, he then lifted Angle and delivered the chokeslam. He grabbed Angle's beaten body and rolled it into the ring, then, placing his body over Angle's, waited for the count. One…Two…Three…Kane was victorious.

He left the ring and headed backstage to his locker room. Upon his arrival he met his brother, the Undertaker, UT said he had seen everything that had happened on the television. Kane shook his head and said "we have to catch her". UT nodded in agreement and said "we need a plan bro".

Vince McMahon then came walking into the locker room and asked who that person was swinging on the rope and interfering with the match, he said that the first time he was willing to overlook it, but he didn't want it to become a regular act. UT and Kane both denied knowing the masked figure and advised Mr. McMahon that they didn't have a clue as to who she was or where she came from or even how she manages to get into the arena and said they were going to catch her if it was the last thing they did. Vince was surprised and agreed that something should be done.

As Vince was about to leave he turned around, and with a parcel in hand said "by the way, this was delivered here for you about half an hour ago", he handed the parcel to Kane and left.

End Scene 2/Act 2


Scene 3/Act 3

Raw continued..

Scene 3:

Kane and the Undertaker are sitting in the locker room both just looking at the parcel held in Kane's hand. Vince had delivered it moments before.

Act 3:

UT is the first one to speak "well bro are you going to open it?". Kane just looks at his brother and then at the parcel, nods his head and starts to do the unwrapping. What is revealed is a small wooden box, Kane looks to see if there is a note attached, but no, there isn't. He lifts the lid of the box, both UT and Kane look at what is inside, they then just stare at each other and then back again to the contents of the box. Kane picks up the object, very carefully, and holds it out in front of him, both UT and Kane keep staring at the object dangling from Kane's fingers.

"What in the hell?" UT says quietly. "Where did this come from?" utters Kane. "That's mamma's pendant, she always wore it, even if it is blackened by the fire, I can still see that it is mamma's" added UT. Kane ever so gently opens the heart shaped pendant and within are still the pictures of his mamma (on one side) and the children on the other which consisted of Kane, UT and Karina (their little sister), all had died in the blaze. The pictures were slightly scorched, but you could still make everyone out.

Too shocked to say anything, Kane gently places the pendant back in the box, he and UT give each other a glance and then they both pack their gear and leave for the night, not wanting to get involved in a dispute over what had happened so many years ago.


Scene 3A:

Over the last couple of days both UT and Kane had been thinking about the pendant. Where did it come from?. Who sent it, how did they get their hands on it?. In the locker room once again UT and Kane were asking these questions, they then came to the only conclusion they could….Someone must have found it when they cleared the scene after the fire or perhaps it appeared during renovations of the site. But why wait so long to deliver it? Maybe they didn't know who it belonged to until now, but why didn't the person who found it put a note inside?  So many questions, no satisfying answers. Nonetheless, they were pleased to have had the pendant returned to them.

Kane and UT then decided to concentrate on their plan for tonight…catching the masked figure. They had a plan, a good plan and could not wait to instigate it and be successful, to put an end to this game of cat and mouse. They both set out to prepare for what lay ahead.

Act 3A:

Kane approached the ring, but before entering he looked around the auditorium, in particular, upwards towards the beams, and then when satisfied that no-one was there, entered the ring. Fire erupts as Kane's long, muscular arms slam downwards. The Big Red Machine was waiting for his opponent to enter the ring…Y2J, but before he could enter, Kane found himself sprawled out on the floor beneath, he turned over only to find Hall standing over him holding a chair. Kane quickly reached forward and grabbed the chair from Hall, jumped to his feet and swung the chair towards Hall's head, Hall quickly ducked and in a flash slid outside the ring. Hall ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, back up the ramp and out of sight.

Y2J was just standing there with a big grin on his face, not daring to enter the ring just yet, instead enjoying what he had just seen. Kane stared at him with the look of death and then Y2J's smile quickly disappeared. Y2J turned and ran up the ramp not wanting to face the Big Red Machine in the mood he appeared to be in. Kane's muscles were flexed to their fullest capacity.

Kane turned around, and just in time, because Stephanie was standing there, with arms raised she was on the verge of hitting Kane with a fire extinguisher. She dropped the extinguisher and went to run out of the ring, but Kane caught her by the hair, pulled her back towards him, raised one finger on his hand and shook it from side to side. Stephanie then spat at the Big Red Machine and this infuriated him. He raised her above his head, turned……and stopped!

What he saw then, was….the masked figure…walking down the ramp tugging and pulling a long rope behind her. As she walked closer and closer Kane was able to see that HALL was tied up and gagged at the end of it!! Kane was not sure of what he should do, let Stephanie go and take the chance that she will attack him once again behind his back or hold onto Stephanie and see what the masked figure intended to do, maybe if he waited until she got closer. Then again UT was around here somewhere as well!

The masked figure walked down the ramp and approached the ring, she then did something that surprised everyone – she climbed the stairs and stopped, standing behind the ring ropes. Their eyes met and there was complete silence, you could have heard a PIN drop.

The masked figure then pulled the ropes apart and climbed into the ring….very slowly she walked towards Kane, now, she was so close, that Kane could actually smell her perfume, there was something familiar about it. She raised her hand towards Kane and held out the rope, Kane then placed Stephanie over his shoulder and, reaching out, gently took the rope from her hand.

Within a flash, the masked figure jumped over the ropes and was outside the ring. Kane just dropped Stephanie to the floor at which time a loud screech came from Steph's mouth along with an horrific "thump". Kane leapt over the ropes and ran in hot pursuit of the masked figure. The masked figure was nearly at the top of the ramp, when suddenly, UT appeared!

End Scene 3A/Act 3A


Scene 4/Act 4


Scene 4:

The masked figure has run up the ramp and finds she is now faced with the Undertaker and looking back, the Big Red Machine, she feels a state of panic and needs to think very quickly of a way to get out of this situation.

Act 4:

Turning her head to the right she sees HHH standing there and turning to the left she spots the Big Show.  No way out.  She turns and sees that Kane is almost on top of her, within a flash she ducks, pushes herself with great force forwards and dives through Kane's legs, Kane had tried to reach for her but he was too slow, she was just too quick and flexible.  The masked figure found herself sliding down the ramp and when she reached the bottom jumped quickly to her feet, turned around, and saw all four wrestlers heading towards her.

She runs as fast as she can and jumps over the barrier into the crowd making her way towards the back, finds an exit and goes through. The crowd did not even try to stop her, they thought that this was all part of the act!

HHH and UT are the first to follow her, but upon reaching the popcorn stand were at a loss as to where she had gone. Kane and Big Show then appeared and together started to search the whole area asking fans along the way if they had seen her. Surprisingly, none had taken notice of this small person.

After half an hour of searching the four wrestlers met up with each other in disbelief that the masked figure had again alluded them, how can such a small person, ONE person, evade all four wrestlers? "This is embarrassing" said HHH.

Big Show and HHH were the first ones to go back to their locker rooms. UT and Kane looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders, looked around one last time. UT said solemnly "well, there's always next time bro", Kane nodded and said "yeah, but in the meantime I think I'll get me some popcorn". UT nods his head approvingly, but with some surprise.

Meanwhile, the masked figure finally stopped running and being very sure that she had lost them, sat down to catch her breath. That was too close she thought. I had better be extremely careful next time, yes there will be a next time, she made a promise to someone and could not break it, she would not break it, no matter what.

End Scene 4/Act 4



Scene 5:

Kane is preparing for his match against HHH, he knows it will be tough because it is a cage match and tries to focus entirely on the match itself, but it isn't easy, with the masked figure on the loose anything could happen. One thing that Kane and UT were able to work out was that the masked figure was in fact, it seemed, on their side for she had not hurt Kane at all.

In a way Kane started feeling slightly affectionate towards the masked figure, he could not be angry for she had done nothing to hurt him and when Vince McMahon put on a performance about catching her, Kane found himself defending the masked figure, yes, it was annoying and completely out of whack doing what she was doing, but Vince should look at the ratings for then he will see how they have jumped, a whopping 10%. Vince decided to ride along with it.

Well, the cage is up, time to go.

Act 5:

Kane makes his entrance, HHH is already in the cage. He enters and the door is shut and locked. The first man over the top WINS.

The match starts and HHH has the upper hand, he grabs Kane and almost immediately rams him into the cage, head first. Kane's head catches a sharp bit of steel jutting from the cage resulting in blood going everywhere. He is dazed. HHH takes the opportunity of attacking him again and again, blood is splattered all over the floor.

As hurt as he is Kane gives it his all, he turns the tables on HHH and does some body slamming of his own. HHH is hurt, he can hardly walk on his injured leg. Both men attack, HHH pedigrees Kane into the floor, and feeling dazed himself starts to climb the steel cage. Up and up he climbs until he is at the top and with one leg over starts bringing the other leg over. Then it happens…

Straight down, as if falling from the roof, comes the masked figure. She wraps her legs around HHH's waist and up they go as if on a big rubber band. HHH is hanging on for dear life, not sure of what is happening. Down they come right into the middle of the ring and back up again, HHH has the appearance of being a "yo yo" . The masked figure comes down for the last time and when about 12 feet from the floor, unravels her legs and drops him….splat! HHH lands on his back and can only look up whilst the masked figure disappears.

Meanwhile Kane has awoken, sees HHH sprawled out in front of him and drags himself over….One…Two…Three…but wait, what's this? Ric Flair has entered the ring holding a microphone. Kane looks up at him, HHH turns his head ever so slightly. Ric Flair makes his announcement "due to the interruption and assistance of the masked figure, this match will continue, the three count will be disqualified". Both men are to stand up and restart the match! The crowd goes berserk. Flair leaves the ring and locks the cage door behind him.

The masked figure heard this and she is mad, really mad. How dare he, no-one restarts a match if Stephanie interferes or anyone else for that matter.

Both men are standing, they face one another. The match begins and HHH delivers an unauthorized blow upon Kane, the big man drops to his knees. Seeing this the masked figure cannot help herself. Down she goes landing with both feet on HHH's shoulders, down goes HHH the force smashing him to the floor. Up goes the masked figure and then down again, but this time…..Kane is waiting!

Just as she is about to go back up again the Big Red Machine grabs her around the legs, she fights hard, fights with all her might to release the lock he has on her, but he is too strong, his muscles flexed and fixed on her legs like that of a pit bull terrier. He pulls her down, one hand at a time, the masked figure pulls and pushes and wriggles, but all in vain. Kane finally grabs her around the waist and holds her body very tightly against his. HHH is standing now and Kane beckons him to untie the belt around the masked figure's waist, HHH obliges. Kane, with the strength of one leg, slams it into the cage door and it opens. He walks through and throws the masked figure over his shoulder.

The crowd is cheering, jumping up and down, the noise is deafening. Kane walks up the ramp, the masked figure still fighting to release herself from his grip, but to no avail.

End Scene 5/Act 5


Scene 6/Act 6


Scene 6:

Kane has captured the masked figure and is taking her to his locker room. The masked figure is in a state of panic, using every ounce of strength she has, she tries to loosen the grip Kane has on her.

Act 6:

Kane enters the locker room to find UT waiting. UT grabs the masked figure by the shoulders and with Kane holding her legs they try to place her on the bench, but the masked figure is so strong, she is using everything she can to escape. It doesn't work. Finally, she is pushed down on the bench, UT places his arm across her chest and Kane holds her legs down very tightly.

UT grabs a rope under the bench and together with Kane they begin tying her up, making sure that she is securely fastened to the bench and unable to move.

Once secured Kane and UT take a breather, "she's a tough little one I'll give her that", says UT puffing. Kane just nods his head whilst staring at the mask on this tiny creature. So far the masked figure has not said one word, she has calmed down slightly, but her eyes bounce back and forth between UT and Kane, wondering what they will do to her. She feels panicked knowing that it won't be long now.

UT walks over towards the door, turns around taking one last look at the masked figure and says "I'm on now, I'll be back soon". He then leaves the locker room. Kane has not moved his fixed gaze from the masked figure, he slowly bends over her placing his elbows on either side of her shoulders.

The masked figure shakes her head vigorously from side to side, small quiet groans leaving her lips. She can feel his chest slightly against hers, she cannot move her legs, the rope is bound too tightly. Kane then places his hands on either side of her face, "be still" he says softly. The masked figure slowly stops shaking and stares into his eyes, there's a quiet calmness about them. "Who are you?" asks the Big Red Machine, but no response comes. He repeats his question "who are you?", still no response. With one hand he then feels around the outer edge of the mask, stroking it, and then gently slides his hand around to the back of her head.

"Nooooo" yells the masked figure, "don't, pleeeeeeease" she says in desperation. Kane stops abruptly, turns his head slightly to the left and says "why?".

"Because we are the same……………………………….brother".

Kane jolts upwards still staring at the masked figure, "what?" he says. "Yes, I am your, your……sister". "No" says Kane, "my sister is dead, she was burned in the fire with mamma and pappa". "It's true" says the masked figure. "Didn't you get mamma's pendant that I sent to you?" she asks. "The pendant?" says Kane. "Yes, the pendant, I got it….it was from you?" he said. "Yes, mamma gave it to me before she threw me out the window, she saved me, but when I landed I was hurt really badly, it took me months to recover and then I found I had amnesia as well, I couldn't remember anything, not about what happened, the fire, the family, nothing, it was all gone, my memory was wiped" said the masked figure.

The masked figure continued …"over the last few months it has slowly been coming back to me and I remembered two very important things, the first is that mamma made me promise to take care of you, she said UT could look after himself, but that you needed me". With this tears started running down the masked figure's face, Kane just stared at her, unable to believe what he was hearing, needing time to let it all sink in.

He said "but why didn't you just tell me who you were, why the disguise?" Karina, holding back the tears as much as she could explained that she was too scared to approach him because of his anger about the fire. At first she just sat in the audience watching him and when she saw how Goldust had nearly crippled him in a match she decided that mamma was right, she needed to protect him, but how? Then the idea came to her that if she disguised herself she would not only be able to help him but he would never know who she is.

The Big Red Machine then started untying the rope, he seemed to be in a daze and when finished he helped the masked figure to sit up. He gently stroked her hair and said "Karina, is it really you?", "yes, she replied, lowering her head and not wanting to look into his eyes. "Look at me" said Kane…"no, I am ashamed" she replied.

"Ashamed?" says Kane. "You will want me to take off my mask and then you will see" said Karina. "I know how you feel, I have a mask too" he replies. Kane very gently places his fingers under her chin and turns her face towards his. After what seemed like an eternity, Karina slowly places her hand on Kane's mask feeling it softly. She then places her hand around the back of his head and starts undoing the mask. Kane does absolutely nothing except stare into her eyes.

The mask falls off and Karina just looks at him, her eyes filled with tears. After a short time Kane slowly removes his sister's mask, he blinks a few times and then he too swells up inside and teardrops start to fall, he quickly wipes them away, looks away for a second and then looks back, he hugs his sister close to his chest, she disappears within his large arms.

UT enters the locker room, sweaty from the match he just had, he sees the two masks on the bench and comes toward the now unmasked figure, she turns her head and looks at UT. UT is taken aback by complete surprise, the look of shock ran through his face. Kane motions him to keep quiet by placing his finger in front of his lips. UT nods his head but you could see the look of amazement upon his face. UT says "I'm gonna have a shower" and walks away. When he returns Kane and Karina are still locked together, rocking gently back and forth. UT walks up to them.

Kane turns his head to look at his brother and says "at home bro, not now". UT nods his head once again, collects his things as well as Kane's and says "I'll meet you at the car". He leaves closing the door behind him.

"There is something else that I must tell you, it's terribly important, please don't be angry, please" says Karina. "No I won't be" says Kane. Through tears she said "our brother did not start the fire Kane….he was only trying to protect me". Kane looked down at Karina with a frown and said "what are you talking about?". It wasn't UT…… was….it was….Tombstone! She then burst into uncontrollable tears, clinging to Kane as if her life depended on it. Kane could only hold her tightly and not wanting to upset her even more decides not to ask any more questions, for now.

Kane then stands lifting Karina up into his arms, she hugs him very tightly, burying her head into his neck. Kane leaves the locker room and heads for the car.

Whispering to Karina, Kane says quietly "It's time to go home sis, it's time".

End Scene 6/Act 6


Scene 7/Act 7


Kane and UT were shocked to find that the masked figure was in fact their sister, Karina, believed to have died in the fire that destroyed their family. Kane takes Karina home and after things have settled, Karina reveals the truth behind the fire that killed their mother and father.

The Truth

It took a very long time, all night in fact, for Karina to settle down and tell the true story to Kane of what actually happened to cause the fire that killed their mother and father. UT sat quietly listening to what Karina said. Now and then he would flinch in pain or anger, his face would twist and yes, his eyes would swell with tears.

Kane sat next to his sister with his arm wrapped around her shoulders holding her closely, allowing her to feel loved, wanted and unafraid, listening intently to every word she spoke:

Karina took a deep breath….

"It all started when I just left college, Tombstone wanted me to go out with him and I said no, I had never seen or met anyone more revolting than him. He scared me so much, he was evil. He became insistent, and over the next couple of years he kept hounding me, telling me that I had to have his baby, that I was meant to be with him, that I was the chosen one. I didn't want to tell either of you because I knew that you could both be hurt real bad by this horrible creature if you said anything to him. He is so powerful, but you both know that, you saw what he did to so many other people when he didn't get his way.

Anyway, on the night of the fire I had just come home from work, mamma was cooking dinner and papa was in the garage working on his car. A short while later there was a knock at the door, so I opened it. Without warning Tombstone lunged forward knocking me to the ground, he continued on and disappeared into the hallway. I got up and followed him, then I saw that he had mamma by the throat. I jumped on his back, pulling his hair, yelling at him to stop, to leave her alone, but he wouldn't listen. I just wasn't strong enough to stop him no matter how hard I hit him, bit him or pulled his hair.

He raised mamma into the air, I could see her face turning blue, suddenly papa came running in, he must have heard my screams, he grabbed a kitchen knife and lunged at Tombstone. Tombstone dropped mamma to the floor, grabbed papa's wrist and twisted it until there was a loud snap. Papa bent over in pain and that's when Tombstone picked up the knife and forced it into papa's chest. I tried so hard to stop him, but with one push of his arm I found myself thrown against the kitchen wall, by the time I got up and went back over to papa he was laying in a heap of blood. It was everywhere".

Karina was now talking as if in some sort of daze, in shock, still remembering every detail of what had happened.

Kane had tears trickling down his cheeks, he would raise his hand every now and then to wipe them away.

"Anyway, Tombstone then looked at mamma sitting on the floor, she was hysterically crying and trying to reach out to papa. I cradled papa in my arms, looked up and saw Tombstone pull out an iron bar from under his robe. I screamed at him, no don't please, I'll do anything you want, don't hurt her, but it did no good. With one blow he struck mamma across the head, she collapsed. I thought she was dead.

He grabbed my hair and dragged me into the bedroom, threw me on the bed and said "now YOU WILL be mine". He dropped his gruesome body on top of mine, I struggled and screamed as much as I could, but he was just too powerful, I felt trapped, no, squashed, beneath his body.

The next thing I remember seeing is UT, he was standing in the doorway holding the iron bar that Tombstone had used to hit mamma with. I couldn't speak, I felt frozen, I just looked at him. He slowly came up behind Tombstone and belted him in the back with the bar, Tombstone rolled off the bed and I ran back into the kitchen. I'm not sure exactly what happened next because it was happening all so fast, but I remember UT and Tombstone being in the dining room fighting one another and then the next minute Tombstone had picked up a kerosene lamp and was throwing it at UT. After that I am not sure what happened I just know that the house was ablaze and mamma's eyes were slightly open. I held her in my arms and she told me to save myself. I refused to leave her.

She then told me to take her pendant and put it around my neck, so I did. I don't know where she got the strength from, but the flames were engulfing us and I was trying to get mamma on her feet when suddenly I felt her lift me slightly and push me really hard. Next thing I know I am outside the house looking up. I saw mamma at the window and all she said was "take care of Kane, he needs you". The she disappeared.

That's when I saw you, Kane, you were running towards the house, I tried to call you, over and over again, but you didn't hear me. The next thing there was an horrific noise, the house exploded. Two months later I woke up in a hospital, not knowing who I was, where I was, nothing, it was all a blank. I was told that my whole family was killed in the fire.

It was then that I was also told that, well … that I was pregnant. I didn't know what to think or what to do, I felt alone, abandoned, I didn't know how I had become pregnant…all I could think of was that I had this life inside of me and I didn't want any part of it. I begged them to abort the baby and eventually they did what I asked.

It is only during the past few months that I have actually started remembering everything, sometimes things would come slowly back to me and other times whole load of information would just come as if someone had opened the flood gates. I found out that both of you were alive, not dead like I had been told, so I started to track you down.

Last month, actually, about three weeks ago, I collected my mail and found a letter had been sent to me, who from I didn't know there wasn't any return address. The envelope was black and it had a small picture of a yellow rose in the left corner. I opened it and read what was in there. It was a message and it said something like this…" so you are alive, you KILLED our baby, you will pay for that with your life and so will your brothers, one by one I will kill you ALL. I have returned….TOMBSTONE". I was so frightened I tore the letter up and hid in my apartment for days.

I didn't know what your reaction would be if I just turned up and said, hi I'm Karina, so I decided to disguise myself. I wasn't sure if you were enemies or friends, I had read somewhere that you both had a big fight. So I just remembered what mamma said and tried to protect you, Kane, from those wrestlers that were hurting you, what they were doing wasn't fair".

With that Kane hugged his sister very tightly and said "it's okay, I understand, you are safe now, Tombstone won't get anywhere near you". UT stood up, walked over to Karina and gave her a hug and said "yeah, we'll look after you".

Scene 7:


Kane and UT enter the locker room and get ready for their matches. Kane is the first to speak "I don't know what to say bro". UT doesn't look at Kane, instead he looks at the floor and says softly "don't worry about it, it's over, finished". "But I blamed you for everything" says Kane. "Why didn't you tell me the truth about what happened?"

"You want the truth? The truth is that you wouldn't have listened, you were so filled with anger and rage that nothing I could have said would have changed that. Then, when all was said and done I didn't want to bring up the past with it being such a thorn in our sides, it would have only re-fuelled the anger" said UT.

Kane nodded his head in agreement, knowing full well that his brother was right. "I'll make that Tombstone wish he had never been born" said UT with soft anger. "He'll pay for what he has done". He turned his head looking directly at Kane.

Kane stood up, nodded and said "Yeah, I'll be right there with you bro, you can count on me. We just need to make sure he doesn't find Karina".

Just then Vince McMahon entered the room, "hey guys, I have some news for you" said Vince, with that said he stepped aside and introduced a new wrestler to Kane and UT. He was massive, but dark, mysterious and wore a grey robe, his face could not be seen very clearly as it was mostly covered by his hood. "This is … "Vengeance" … and he will be working with you guys for a while, I have a couple of good matches lined up for the three of you".

Kane and UT stepped forward and shook Vengeance's hand and then both Vince and Vengeance left the room.

UT looked at Kane and wiping his hand on his pants he said "what in the hell was that? The guy didn't say one word". Kane shook his head from side to side and said "I don't know bro, but his hand looked like it had been in a microwave on high for an hour and his handshake was incredibly strong".

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Thank you for allowing me to publish your story Snowy, I'll always remember it as the first and best fan fiction I have ever read.