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Tombstone's Revenge ~ By Snow (Read the prequel, The Missing Link if you haven't done so yet)


Kane and the Undertaker have been re-united with their sister, Karina, who, day by day, is adjusting to her new surroundings and her new family. Sara has played a huge part in helping Karina to adjust. They all decided it would be safer, until Tombstone is caught, if they were to all live together in a new house, in a location not known to anyone except Vince McMahon and Ric Flair. The location they have chosen is on the same property as a ranch run by a family of seven who cater to tourists offering bed and breakfast, horse riding and trail bike riding with competitions run now and again. There is also a gym and a café, which transforms into an entertainment area at night with country music, special theme nights and karaoke. Their house is far enough away from the Ranch to allow privacy, and to find the house one must know the secret trails leading down the mountainside. Other than the ranch, the surrounding neighbourhood is pretty much isolated, which is what they all want and need.

On the property there is a hot spring, secluded by trees and wild flowers. It is here that Kane and Karina often spend time talking about the past and bonding with each other. Each day the four of them go to the gym, swim in the hot spring and then return home to rehearse their parts in the upcoming events on RAW. At night they stroll by the creek or go to the Ranch where they watch, and sometimes participate in, the activities. Karina and Kane go horse riding as well, following the trails that lead to the other side of the mountain. Sara and UT go trail bike riding and for long walks through the surrounding bushland. Things have settled down well and the fear is slowly being erased. They are, however, concerned that their new wrestling opponent, Vengeance, has not responded to their requests for him to train with them. When they approached Vince McMahon and Ric Flair regarding this, they were assured that Vengeance is a true professional and knows what he is doing. Ric and Vince both explained that Vengeance is a loner and prefers to keep it that way. The Brand split has taken place and both Kane and the Undertaker along with Vengeance, find themselves on the RAW brand. Feeling that the girls are safe and accustomed to their new surroundings, Kane and the Undertaker return to work.

Back to Work:

Kane and the Undertaker have arrived in their locker room. Kane is the first to speak "it feels good to be back." The Undertaker nods his head in agreement. The two men change their clothes and then head over to Ric Flair's office. The Undertaker asks Flair if everything is set up and ready to go for tonight and Flair replies that it is. UT then goes on to say, "I still don't agree with this. I am the 'dead man', I have the reputation of being on the dark side; it's my yard and yet you allow this Vengeance character to steal what I created and re-invent the whole saga, beginning tonight." "Yes" Flair says. "We need to bring some of the old guts of wrestling back to keep our audience entertained. We need a new character that has a heart of stone, displays massive strength and mystery and adds a touch of 'evil' to the whole scene. Vengeance is that man and tonight's cage match against you and your brother will be the start of a great episode in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. Kane, you get to work alongside your brother once more, this will be a push to the top for you." Kane then asks Flair "where is Vengeance?" Flair replies, "he is standing right behind you". Immediately the two men turn around and sure enough, Vengeance is standing right behind them; all seven feet of him, wearing his dark robe. His head is slightly lowered which is covered mostly by the hood. The Undertaker asks, "do you always sneak up on people man?". There is no reply, instead Vengeance turns and walks out of the office. UT and Kane look at each other shaking their heads and then turn their gaze to Flair with a look of amazement. Kane says to Flair "where did this guy come from anyway?" Flair says that he was approached by a good friend, who recommended him. " I arranged for a try out and I liked what I saw. Okay, he's a little weird, but you know fellas, that adds to his character and I'm telling ya, the three of you are going to make people's heads turn".With that Kane and the Undertaker return to their locker room.

Cage Handicap Match - No holes barred!

The Undertaker's music plays and he walks down the ramp in his usual manner, full of confidence; his steps sturdy and rhythmic, looking from side to side. Slowly he enters the steel cage, climbs into the ring and walks around looking at the audience and acknowledging them as they cheer him on. He then waits for his brother to make his entrance. Flames ignite and the Big Red Machine appears. He too walks with confidence. He approaches the steel cage, stops, looks around briefly at all the props which have been set up for this special event and then he too enters the cage and climbs into the ring. Kane and the Undertaker acknowledge one another and stand side by side, both waiting in anticipation of the arrival of the man they call Vengeance. Jim Ross explains that Vengeance is making his debut tonight and tells the background story of how Vengeance is from the 'dark side'; wanting to destroy everything in his path and insistent on starting with the most powerful brothers within the WWE, Kane and the Undertaker. The arena's lights slowly dim; everything goes deadly quiet….silence….softly, almost as a whisper, we hear Jim Ross say "I don't know about anyone else, but I can feel shivers running down my spine. I wonder who this Vengeance really is and where he originated from, no-one has ever seen him, except for a few, but it feels like we've just opened the gates to hell, it's so eerie and deathly in here".

Elongated torches have been set up on either side of the ramp, about twenty in total, and in quick succession they are ignited. Everyone's eyes are on the flames. All of a sudden, the sound of flapping and squawking is heard; shrieks of surprise/fright echo from the crowd when crows are seen flying and swooping from above. Some of the crows fly low and a group of fans shield themselves. As quickly as they appear, they disappear, except for one! This crow has perched himself on the rim of the steel cage.

Kane and the Undertaker look up, the crow looks down. Kane mutters "it's eyes are red". Kane turns to his brother, their eyes meet, both have the expression upon their faces of complete surprise, realising that neither had a clue that this was included in the script. They look up again, but it's too late. Neither man was prepared for what happened next. Kane tried to cover his head, but the crow was too quick and aimed with precision, striking him with its sharp beak right on the top of his skull. A loud groan was heard as Kane went down on his knees. Within a flash the Undertaker was grabbing and holding onto Kane's bloodied head. The noise from the crowd was deafening. Jim Ross was calling for help. Referees and medics came running out. Kane was now lying on the canvas with the Undertaker trying to contain the bleeding. The medics take over and started applying butterfly stitches and bandages. The Undertaker cannot keep his rage within himself; he starts yelling, "what in the hell was that? Where did those *##* birds come from? Who planned this? Someone's gonna pay!". The medics gently lift Kane onto the stretcher and the Undertaker looks on as his brother is taken away. He becomes even more enraged, his forehead muscles protruding, sweat slowly seeping down his face, hands gripped tightly together, his chest heaving heavily, his tongue sweeping against his bottom lip. He walks back and forth waiting for the one responsible to show himself.

The lights go down again and once more the crowd is silenced. The announcer's are silent; it feels like being in the middle of a graveyard. The Undertaker's eyes are fixed upon the entrance ramp. The torches are still flaring. He wipes his eyes with the back of his hand; they feel sore from the mist that is slowly surrounding the ring and are starting to burn and his vision is becoming impaired. Through the mist he sees a tall dark figure emerge, walking down the ramp and heading for the steel cage. His robe can be seen lifting from the ground and the Undertaker can feel the strong breeze drifting through the arena. The crowd is still silent, in awe of this incredibly huge monster that has appeared. Vengeance steps inside the steel cage and slams the door behind him. He climbs slowly into the ring. Suddenly, the breeze is no more, gone! Squawking from the crow can be heard and the Undertaker quickly looks up using his arms to shield his face. Back on the rim of the steel cage, high above, sits the black, red eyed devil that attacked his brother.

The Undertaker stares at Vengeance. All that can be seen of Vengeance are his nose, lips and chin, the rest concealed by the dark grey he is wearing. The first thing UT notices is that Vengeance's lips are painted black and his skin is the colour of ash! UT speaks, "are you responsible for this?" Vengeance moves his head from side to side in a "no" motion. UT then says, "you bastard, you are responsible". Vengeance once again motions "no" and then continues with, "no, I am not". Then, in an incredibly deep and hollow voice Vengeance speaks slowly, quietly and precisely "we wrestle now". The Undertaker waits a few seconds and then responds "no" with a forceful voice. Vengeance brings his hands from his sides and clasps them at the front of his robe. The Undertaker looks down and sees that there are scars covering both hands and that his nails are extremely long and painted bright red! The Undertaker takes a step closer towards Vengeance and says "I don't know who in the hell you think you are boy, but my brother has been taken to the hospital and there is no way in hell you're getting a match tonight. Let me spell it out for ya "It's CANCELLED". UT then looks up and points at the crow still perched on the rim above and asks "is that YOUR crow?" Vengeance smirks ever so slightly, looks straight into the Undertaker's eyes and then turns his back to him and starts leaving the ring. The Undertaker rushes up, he can no longer contain the anger that has been swelling up inside of him. He grabs Vengeance's hood and pulls it down, then grabs his shoulder and twists him around. His fist is ready to strike Vengeance's face when suddenly, he stops…..never has he seen such a man. Mouth agape he stares at what is before him.

Thoughts are racing through his mind, this thing, this evil looking thing…it's make-up, it has to be, but it looks so real! No hair, he's bald, but his head is ashen in colour, that murky light grey; black rings, big black rings surrounding his eyes, those bright green eyes. One eye larger than the other, no, wait, one eye, he has only one eye, the other is blinded…it's small, covered mostly with loose skin. Deep crevices, scars, cover his face; light grey, no colour, just grey, ashen. A deep groove approximately three inches long starting from his forehead and ending upon his left check. The cheek bones seemed to be protruding from the face. His snarl revealing black and grey teeth. He stands so tall, he must be well over seven feet!

"Can't breathe, can't move his hand from my throat" thinks UT. Vengeance lifts him high; one hand clutching his throat and the other his waist. With great force he slams the Undertaker onto the canvas; throws his head back and laughs. He places his hood over his head, kneels down next to UT, leans over him so that their faces are slightly touching and says "I'm going to enjoy working with you". He stands back up and leaves the enclosure; walks up the ramp and disappears from sight. The crowd is going berserk, chanting UT's name and booing Vengeance. The Undertaker stands up in obvious pain and with the aid of a Referee leaves the arena. The flames go out and the arena lights come back on.

Backstage, the Undertaker looks around for Vengeance, he's gone; he's disappeared. No sign of Flair or McMahon. His thoughts now cross to Kane. He goes to the locker room, collects both his and Kane's belongings and leaves as quickly as he can uttering to himself, "I must get to the hospital".


The Undertaker raced to the hospital to find his brother sitting upright on one of the hospital beds. As he approached him Vince McMahon and Ric Flair entered the room. The Undertaker turned around, firstly in surprise, then in anger. Seeing the look upon his face, Vince spoke gently to the Undertaker saying that it was nobody's fault with what had happened to Kane. He said that the birds were a last minute idea from Vengeance who had assured them that they were harmless and that Vengeance was just as shocked as everyone else at what had happened, and that in fact, he had asked Vince and Ric to pass on his apologies for the incident. Flair added that Vengeance had said that the birds became "spooked" just after they had been released and as yet no-one has been able to figure out why. He also said that they were not only concerned about Kane, but also about the fans, as they had been in danger as well from attack. The Undertaker then addressed both of them asking why neither Kane nor he had been notified of the last minute decision to include the birds. Vince apologised saying there wasn't enough time.

Flair walked over to Kane who had remained silent throughout the conversation and asked, "what's the prognosis?" Kane turned to Flair and said, "I'll be okay, I just need to stay overnight for observation. I have been stitched up, but no permanent damage has been done. I won't be wrestling for a few days though". Flair said for Kane to take all the time he needs to recover and then he and Vince shook Kane's hand and Vince offered his hand to the Undertaker, however the Undertaker refused the handshake. Vince and Flair left the room. Kane spoke to his brother saying, "it's okay Taker. I'll be fine". The Undertaker just nodded his head and then after a few seconds of silence said "I'll make sure that everything, every little thing, no matter how small, is included in the script in future and that there are no unexpected surprises". Kane nodded his head in agreement. The Undertaker then added "as for Vengeance, I don't trust the guy so I'll be damned if I am going to give him a rope to hang us with. I will be keeping my eye on him all the time".

Taker then told Kane that he had rung Sara on his way over and explained to her what had happened. "Sara and Karina wanted to be here, but it's just too far away". Kane said he understood and then the Undertaker said "you know bro, I think there's something wrong at home. Sara's voice sounded very shaky and I don't think it was just because of what happened to you tonight. I think maybe there's something else going on that she hasn't told me about. I'm going to give her another call, now." With that said the Undertaker pulled out his mobile and rang home. He asked Sara if everything was okay, there was a pause in the conversation and he was heard to reply, "yes, Kane will be fine, he's staying in the hospital overnight just to be sure". Another pause and then suddenly Taker's face turned a pale shade of grey "what?" he said…"are you alright, is Karina okay?" There was another long pause with Taker looking somewhat shocked and replying every now again "yeah". Finally, he said, "That's it, tomorrow Kane and I are coming home. I will clear it with Vince tonight; they will just have to do without us for a couple of days. Are you sure you'll be all right until we get there? Okay, I'll ring you tomorrow morning from the airport." With that he ended his conversation and put his mobile back in his pocket.

A look of concern was on Kane's face as he asked his brother "what's happened? Are the girls okay?" Taker sat himself on the edge of Kane's bed and said "yes, they're okay for the moment". "Apparently this morning Sara asked Karina to go shopping with her, but Karina wasn't feeling too well and decided not to go. So Sara went by herself; she was only gone for about an hour, but when she returned home she found Karina unconscious on the lounge room floor and the room was filled with some sort of toxic fume. Sara found it hard to breathe so she went to the kitchen and put a wet tea towel over her face. She opened all the windows and called 911. Karina was breathing, but it was very shallow" Taker said. "Sara managed to pull Karina out of the lounge room and onto the sundeck. The medics arrived soon after and removed a box of chocolates, well, what seemed like a box of chocolates, from the room. It seems the toxic fumes were coming from there. Karina regained consciousness and they took her to the local hospital. She's okay, but it seems that Sara arrived just in the nick of time. Those toxic fumes were deadly and Karina must have opened the box only seconds before, otherwise the result would have been much worse.

When Karina was feeling better and more in focus she told the Police, who had arrived soon after at the hospital, that the chocolates were delivered by a courier. She didn't see a card, at least not until she opened the chocolates and there it was, Tombstone's signatory card, black, with a yellow rose imprinted on it. She then saw fumes coming up through the box; she collapsed. Sara said that a couple of hours later they were able to return home from the hospital, but they have the Police watching the house. The Officers said they would stay there overnight to make sure that they would be okay." Kane, after a few moments turned to his brother and said, "how did he find us? We were so careful. We're going home right now, not tomorrow. I'll get dressed." "No" UT says. "It won't do any of us any good if you collapse on the way home. You are staying here and we will get the first flight out in the morning. The girls are safe; they have Police protection. Now, I'm going to give Vince a call and let him know what's been happening." With that UT walks out of the room leaving Kane to ponder over all that was said. Early the next morning the Undertaker drove to the hospital and collected his brother. Kane was doing much better than expected. His head wasn't so sore any more and he had experienced no problems during the night. He was dressed and ready to go when the Undertaker arrived. "Have you heard from Sara and Karina?" was his first question. The Undertaker said "yes, they're fine, I rang them after I got home last night and then again early this morning. The Police are still there watching the house." Both men then left the hospital and drove to the airport where they boarded their flight. A few hours later UT and Kane drove up to their home. Sara came running out of the house and with tears of joy at seeing her husband; she hugged him with all her might. They held each other for a while and then Kane gave Sara a hug as well and said "it'll be okay, we're home now, you're both safe".

They all then went into the house and found Karina standing in the lounge room staring out the window. Kane approached her and gave her the biggest and tightest hug he could without hurting her small framed body. Karina burst into tears and said, "I'm so sorry, I am so, so very sorry. It's my fault. I shouldn't be here. I have put you all in danger". "No, you haven't" said Kane. "He would have tracked us all down eventually and it would have been worse because we would not have known anything. You are part of our family, don't you ever forget that". With that Karina started to settled down. "Where do we go from here?" asked Kane. The Undertaker thought for a long moment and then said "we get the hell out of here. We hide the girls and then we set a trap for the ass hole." Both the girls and Kane nodded in agreement. "But where are we going to go?" asked Sara. "You let Kane and I worry about that for now, we'll let you know", replied UT. Within twenty four hours the Undertaker and his brother had not only found a secure location for the girls, but had also come up with a plan to catch Tombstone. With secrecy and speed they swapped Sara and Karina for two undercover detectives and whisked the girls away to a secret location. Sara and Karina adjusted to their new temporary home quickly, feeling more secure. The Detectives were not getting very far in catching Tombstone as, unfortunately, the courier service could not help due to the fact that they had no record of any deliveries being made that day or any other day, to the address given.

Kane and his brother spent the following week with the undercover detectives pretending that everything was back to normal. A Detective by the name of Tom, stayed with Sara and Karina at the hideout. Nothing happened during that period so the Undertaker, Kane and the Detectives decided that maybe the brothers they should return to work. Perhaps Tombstone will be tempted to attack the two undercover girls when the men are out of sight.

Back at Work:

In the locker room Kane adresses UT "as much as I love my work, somehow I feel that we should have joined Sara and Karina". UT nods in agreement and says "I know, I feel the same way, but we can't take the chance of leading Tombstone to the girls, we have to concentrate on tonight, we haven't even seen Vengeance yet. I am going to go and look for him and tonight better run smoothly or there'll be hell to pay." With that said UT walked out of the locker room. Kane sat quietly for a minute or two and then decided to change into his gear. The Undertaker enters Ric Flair's office and asks Ric where Vengeance is. Ric directs him down the corridor saying that he is in the last room on the left.

The Undertaker knocks at Vengeance's door, there is no response, so he slowly opens it and walks in. Vengeance is standing there staring into the mirror; he turns and says in his eerie voice "I didn't do it". The Undertaker approaches him looking at what can be seen of his face and asks "is that right?" Vengeance nods his head. The Undertaker points his finger at Vengeance in a threatening way and says "let me make this real simple for you, if it happens again, you'll be the first person I send to hell". With that he leaves. Back in the locker room UT finds that Kane has changed his gear and now the Undertaker and his brother prepare for tonight's confrontation with Vengeance. With script in hand they both go over every line once again and then it occurs to Kane to ask UT if he has a copy of what Vengeance was given saying "we should make sure it matches ours, we don't want any more surprises". The Undertaker says "good point bro. I will go and see what he's got".

The Undertaker knocks on Vengeance's door once more, however once again there is no response. He opens the door and walks in. Vengeance is no-where to be seen, but he does see something extremely worrying. He walks over to the desk and picks up a photograph, a photograph of Karina! Quickly the Undertaker leaves the room and starts searching for Vengeance. He can't find him anywhere; he checks with Ric Flair, but Ric hasn't seen him either. The Undertaker shows Ric the photograph and he just stares at it and then at UT. Both men leave and begin an extensive search. Every room has now been thoroughly searched and still no Vengeance. The Undertaker runs into Kane. "Hey, I've been looking everywhere for you, we're due on now" says Kane. "Forget it, look at this. I found it in Vengeance's room". Kane takes the photograph and all he says is "shit". They then hear the their names being announced and realise it's time to enter the arena. "He should show up out there" UT states. "Yeah, let's go", replies Kane.

In the Ring:

First the Undertaker and then Kane make their entrances. They wait in the ring for Vengeance. The Undertaker is walking up and down clenching his fists and Kane just stands there looking at the entrance. He is announced, but does not appear. He is announced again, but still does not appear. Kane and the Undertaker look at each other. The Undertaker leaves the ring and walks up the ramp; he goes backstage and can see that everyone is running around madly trying to find Vengeance. Flair quickly sends Triple H out saying "just have a match with Kane, make something up, anything". Triple H makes his entrance. Triple H makes up a story that he wants to have a match with Kane, that he deserves it more than Vengeance so he says he gave Vengeance the night off and asks Kane if he is willing to go one on one with him. Kane nods his head, the bell rings and the match starts. Meanwhile the Undertaker is livid and frightened all at once; he takes out his mobile phone and calls Sara. No answer! He thinks to himself "well, maybe she didn't re-charge the phone, I'll call her on the other number". He rings the other number, but still no answer, he lets it ring until it disconnects. Now panic has set in and the only thing that the Undertaker can think doing is to call the Detective in charge of the undercover operation on his mobile. He dials the number and Jeff anwers. "It's Mark Callaway here, I can't get hold of Sara, what's going on?" The Detective is silent for a moment then says "Mr Callaway I have some bad news. I came over early this morning to check on our undercover girls because they didn't respond to my calls, and when I arrived I found that the front door had been kicked in. What I found inside the house was disgusting and very disturbing. Both our girls are … are … dead, bludgeoned to death. I have also tried contacting Tom at the hideout and there is no answer. A team of Police are on their way over there now." The Undertaker is frozen; he manages to squeeze out the words "I'm on my way". Just as he finishes the call he sees Kane come backstage. Kane takes one look at his brother and realises that something is terribly wrong. "Pack your things", says UT. Kane doesn't say a word, he hurriedly changes his clothing.

At the Hideout:

On the way to the airport UT slowly explains everything that has happened to Kane. Both men are trying their best to stay calm. During the flight Kane, who has been deliberating about the events in the last 12 hours says, "you know bro, Vengeance can't be in two places at once; if he is not Tombstone then we need to know why he has a picture of Karina; maybe there are two of them". Their plane touches down. Jeff meets them and escorts them to a waiting limousine. On the drive to the hideaway the Detective explains what the situation is. Two undercover cops dead; one Detective dead, yes Tom is dead; both girls MISSING! Sara and Karina are nowhere to be found! Jeff finishes by saying "it looks like a damn twister has hit the house". The Undertaker, as strong as he is, has tear drops rolling down his cheeks, he cannot bear the thought of losing Sara, and Kane, well, he just sits there looking out the car window, not saying one word.

They arrive at the hideout and there are Police everywhere, sniffer dogs are being given a sample of clothing and Kane watches as a couple of Police and their dogs take off into the bushes. They step over the door, which is laying in bits and pieces on the blood soaked veranda, and walk into the house. Looking ahead they see the window has been shattered, glass strewn all over the floor; the kitchen is a disaster area, cutlery, pots and pans, food…everywhere! The living area and lounge room look similar, couches overturned, vases on the floor, the carpet is soaked from the water. The telephone laying on it's side and there in the corner of the room the Undertaker spots Sara's mobile phone. The place is a shambles. The Undertaker turns around and Kane has disappeared. He calls for him and hears a groan come from upstairs. He races up there to find Kane on his knees and in his hand is a knife, a red stained bloodied knife.

Kane slowly turns his head, tears are streaming down; the look on his face says it all. The Undertaker nearly loses his balance, so overcome he is by the shock of what he sees and what he is afraid might have happened to his wife. He drops to his knees, places his head between both hands and tries to contain himself. Jeff walks in and says to Kane "what have you got there?" Seeing the knife in Kane's hand he realises what this may mean, however, he says, "I know how difficult this is, but you shouldn't be touching anything. This doesn't necessarily mean it's the girl's blood". He reaches out and removes the knife from Kane's hand. He gives it to the Officer standing behind him and says, "bag it". Jeff says "I'll leave you both alone for now, but don't touch anything. I'll be downstairs if you need me. The team need to go through the house and collect anything that will help us with this."

Time goes by and eventually the men come downstairs. They both walk out the back and sit on the steps staring out at the bush that lay before them, wondering where the girls are and not even daring to think the worst! Two hours go by and still no word. Three hours; then four. Hopes are fading, both men have become very silent. Jeff doesn't seem to be able to get any responses from either of them. The Undertaker seems to be lost in a mirage of thoughts and Kane, well he is thinking about the last time he and Karina had gone to the creek and what they talked about. They were talking about finding that perfect partner! Kane had said that he had no hope, but Karina said that she felt strongly that he would meet someone soon, someone very special and that he would know it because…she tapered off. Kane had asked "because why?" Karina replied, "I can see that a rose will bloom when you have found her". "You are just like mamma, she was always making predictions too" Kane said. Karina had replied "yeah, I guess she passed her gift onto me". They then had talked about what they would like in a partner, someone to share their lives with, to love and be loved; their perfect mate! They ended up laughing over some of the images they had in their minds and both had realised that it wasn't impossible to find that special someone.

The Detective interrupts their thoughts. He informs them that samples have been sent to the lab for testing, samples, which contain blood. He receives no responses from either one of them. Suddenly, they hear shouting and see one of the Officers come running out of the bushes towards them, he's yelling, in fact screaming, at the top of his voice, "we've found them, we've found them, they're alive, they're okay". Within a flash both Kane and the Undertaker are by the Officer's side asking, "where, where are they?" They didn't have to wait long because out from the bush came Sara and Karina with a couple of Officers and their dogs! Kane and the Undertaker race towards them, tears of joy flowing down their faces, but they didn't care, they didn't care who saw them cry, they were back, they were alive!

The four of them embrace each other, none of them wanting to let go. The Undertaker can hardly get his words out, but manages to utter that they will never, ever leave them again. It took some time for Sara and Karina to settle down and relate what had happened that day.

They had heard a noise, like a loud thump, so Sara went to investigate. When she opened the front door she saw a man, not any man, nor was he ordinary, but a man that was so evil looking, so gross that it took all her strength to convey his appearance. No face she had said, there was no face, not a face that we know of. No eyebrows; a twisted nose, bare, not much skin. Teeth crooked, big, yellow, jutting out from his mouth. Black robe with yellow roses painted on it here and there. And then, she saw him, on the deck; it was Tom, face down with blood oozing out and spilling over onto the steps. She slammed the door shut, but this man just kicked it down like it was a piece of cardboard. Karina hearing the noise had joined Sara in the hallway and just screamed…."Run".

With a grin on his face this man, this horrible monster tried to grab Sara, but she managed to avoid him. Both girls tried to run out the back door, but it was locked. Sara managed to make it to the kitchen where she grabbed a knife and then following the screams of Karina, ran into the lounge room. She attacked this man from behind stabbing him in the neck; he turned, grabbed her wrist, twisted it, then lifted her high in the air and threw her across the room. He then slowly approached her. He lifted her once more, but Karina kicked him between the legs. He dropped Sara and watched as both girls ran into the kitchen. He gave chase. The girls threw anything they could get their hands on at him, but he grabbed Sara and threw her out of the kitchen with tremendous force. Sara was dazed and could hear Karina begging for her life. "No, Tombstone, no, please". Tombstone just laughed, this horrible, screechy laugh. Sara looked around and she saw the knife she had used earlier to stab him with. She grabbed it and thrust it into Tombstone's back. He turned and Karina quickly darted around him, grabbing Sara by the wrist; they both raced upstairs. Locking the bedroom door they backed towards the window.

Suddenly Tombstone came crashing through the door. He saw both girls standing by the window and lunged with knife in hand. It all happened so fast. Karina flung the window open, stepped aside quickly and from behind she shoved Tombstone forward as he attempted to bring the knife downwards towards Sara. They both watched as he fell out of the window. They watched as he rose to his feet and dusted off the grass on his coat. They watched as he went to the back door. They both heard the back door come crashing down and knew it was time to go. They jumped out of the window and ran as fast as they could into the bushes. They don't know how long they ran for, but it seemed forever. They were both too scared to stop until they finally came across a small cave. They hid in the cave and waited. Waited to see if Tombstone had followed them. They wanted to make their way over to the Ranch, but were too afraid to leave the cave. The next thing they heard was a dog's bark. They then saw the Officer's who brought them back here to the house. Kane and the Undertaker held the girls tightly and tried to re-assure them that they were now safe.

Anger was now taking the place of relief. Knowing that the Police were searching for him they doubted that Tombstone would return or be nearby. After speaking with the Detectives it was assumed maybe, just maybe, Tombstone and Vengeance were the same person and if not perhaps Tombstone had hired someone to help him. The question still remained, "how can Vengeance be in two places at once, if in fact he were really Tombstone?" There seemed to be many coincidences of late that were leading them to believe that there is some sort of connection. They tracked down the courier service, but unfortunately it lead nowhere as the Courier service had no record of a delivery in that area.

Staying Together:

It was decided that Sara and Karina would tour with the men. Within a few days the four of them had all joined up with the rest of the federation. No matter where Sara or Karina went, either the Undertaker or Kane was with them. At the hotel, at the arena, doing daily tasks, anything at all, however menial, never were the girls left alone. Vengeance had not been heard from so it was assumed that the Police might have been correct in their assumption. A couple of months passed and things seemed to return to normal, as normal as they could be with them being on the road all the time. Everyone commented on the change in Kane since Karina had joined the tour and it was mainly due to the fact that Kane felt more involved; more a part of the family because now he had someone to talk to and share his experiences with. He had always felt the "odd man out"; the "fifth wheel"; but with Karina travelling around with them he wasn't so lonely and had someone who understood, someone who really cared and who had even suffered the same injury as he had. They laughed and joked many times with each other. Karina made sure that Kane always had the support he needed to succeed both personally and professionally. They spent many nights practicing lines and acting out parts that were scripted for him. Kane felt as though they were a team, yes, a sister and brother; becoming inseparable.

Casket Match:

A main event was scheduled to occur within the next few days and the brother's were looking forward to this. Karina and Kane had worked day and night to rehearse the scenes and felt they had it down to pat. It was to be a casket match. It had been so many years since a casket match had been held that everyone was buzzing with excitement. Over the past couple of months a feud has erupted between the brothers and Triple H, who lost the WWE Undisputed Champion title to Brock Lesnar. It was the Undertaker's interference in that match that cost Triple H the title, however the Undertaker had intended to slam Lesnar with the sledge hammer, but Lesnar ducked and it went straight into Triple H's head. Triple H has been trying to get revenge on the Undertaker ever since, but every time he was just about to reap that revenge, the Undertaker's brother Kane, interfered! So now it had boiled down to this, a casket match, the winner being the one to put his opponent in the casket and close the lid!

During the next few days the Undertaker and Kane spend a lot of time at the gym. Other wrestlers within the WWE ensured that the girls were well protected when the brothers were not there, taking turns in watching over them, never leaving them alone. Rehearsals were scheduled and the whole scene was fine tuned. Sara has also been booked to appear in this match, coming out with Kane to assist the Undertaker. It is only a small part, but she is grateful for it.

The day has finally come and so the nervousness starts to set in along with the excitement. The event has been broadcast as the "one event not to miss". It is expected to be spectacular and tickets are a sell out.

The Scene is Set:

The arena is in near darkness; the ramp has a black carpet laid upon it and to each side flames have been ignited. The ring, which has been increased to twice it's normal size, resembles a graveyard with its canvas covered in black and crosses placed above, hanging from chains. The steps leading into the ring have skulls on either side of each step. The casket is outside the ring, a grey casket with a cross on the lid and a mixture of black and red roses covering all the edges. Four men, very tall and eerie, clothed in black robes with hoods, stand beside the coffin with lit candles and a wooden cross held in their hands. The deathly music begins and the Undertaker walks out very slowly, dressed in a long leather coat and a black leather bandana wrapped around his forehead. He carries a lit torch in one hand and a wooden cross in the other with the words "RIP" engraved upon it. He approaches the ring, looks at the casket then ascends the steps to enter the ring. Once inside the ring he walks over to the corner turnbuckle and hands the lit torch to one of the coffin bearers. He turns, looks up the ramp and waits.

Triple H then appears and makes his way to the ring, stopping now and again to look at all the props that have been set up. He enters the ring as well; they wait until the crowd settles down. The Undertaker removes his leather robe and then approaches Triple H; their eyes lock. He stands nose to nose with Triple H and then asks, "ready to be buried alive?" Triple H just smirks and then takes a few steps back, turns his head sideways and then within an instant pounds the Undertaker in the face and grabs the cross he was carrying; smashes it across his head to take the Undertaker down. The Undertaker is dazed, but manages to lift himself up off the canvas floor. Triple H runs towards the Undertaker, however he moves and Triple H goes over the top rope and out of the ring. The Undertaker follows, grabs Triple H by the hair and slams his head into the steel steps.

The Undertaker then goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. He smashes Triple H's back with it a few times and then squarely hits him over the head. Triple H starts bleeding. The Undertaker takes a step backwards and produces a big smile upon his face. He grabs Triple H again and pulls him up off the floor, he pulls back his fist, but before he hits his target, Triple H boots the Undertaker in the gut. This sends the Undertaker backwards and Triple H attacks him with all his might. He drags the Undertaker back into the ring. The Undertaker sees his cross on the canvas floor and grabs it, with one swipe he strikes Triple H in the guts; he goes down. The Undertaker grabs Triple H's leg and twists it as hard as he can; Triple H is screaming in agony, however he manages to push the Undertaker away from him. He then gets up and limps over to the Undertaker, takes the cross and rams it straight into his forehead. Blood oozes out.


Sara is waiting just inside the ramp entrance for her cue along with Kane. They are watching the match intensely and seeming very happy with the way it is going. Karina is in the locker room with Big Show watching the match on television. There is a knock at the door, so Big Show attends to it. He is handed an envelope addressed to Karina so he hands it over to her. Karina takes the envelope and then turns a ghastly colour of white …it is black with a yellow rose imprinted in the corner. Big Show sees her reaction and asks, "what is it?" Karina looks at him and says, "it's from Tombstone". Big Show quickly goes to the door and looks down the corridor, no sign of the courier that delivered it; he comes back in to see that Karina has opened the envelope and is reading it, her body is trembling and a look of sheer terror has covered her face.

Big Show takes the letter from her, but doesn't notice that whilst he is reading it Karina has darted out of the room. The letter states: "Tonight you join our child in darkness. Tonight, your brother joins our child in darkness. I am here; I see you, I see your brother. I can taste your blood. Tonight, Sara burns. Tonight, Taker cries and then he dies!"

Big Show turns around and sees that Karina is not there. He races out of the locker room towards the ramp entrance, but he's too late…she's already running down the ramp, screaming hysterically at Kane!

In the Ring:

Sara and Kane have come running down the ramp and have just stepped into the ring to help the Undertaker defeat Triple H. Karina's screams of desperation can be heard. Sara and Kane turn to see her racing down the ramp towards them. Karina, with all her might, leaps into the ring and at the top of her voice yells "nooooooooooooooooo"; she runs in front of Kane just as the knife is brought down by one of the coffin bearers, who had quickly jumped into the ring whilst Kane's back was turned. The knife rips into Karina's chest. Kane catches her, but everything is happening so fast. Sara screams, the Undertaker rushes over towards the bearer, but in the midst of all of this is another person, someone very big, someone who has swung down from the beams above…'s Vengeance! He lands on top of Tombstone sending him flying out of the ring and onto the floor. Within a flash, Vengeance jumps over the top rope and lands on Tombstone, pulls out a gun and BANG….the sound echoed throughout the whole arena. The Undertaker flies over the top rope to land on Vengeance and starts hammering into him. Vengeance manages to squeeze out the words "Mickey, it's me, Mickey". The Undertaker stops and pulls Mickey towards him by the throat, they stare at each other for only a few seconds and then Mickey says, "It's me buddy, it's really me". The Undertaker is shocked. He releases his grip and turns his head towards the ring to see the most devastating sight of his entire life.

There, in the middle of the ring is Kane, cradling Karina in his arms and Sara is kneeling down beside them crying hysterically.

Goodbye Sis:

Karina can feel the life draining out of her, but also feels a sense of peace cradled in her brother's arms; she feels warmth and love and realises that her brother is safe from harm, she kept her promise to mamma. It's getting harder for her to keep her eyes open and with every bit of strength she whispers "I will make the rose bloom". She slips away into eternity. Kane starts crying, quietly but very deeply, holding Karina's head against his chest, his arms gripping her small body even tighter, not wanting to let go. The Undertaker lifts Sara to her feet and leads her away. Mickey drops to his knees and tries to stroke Karina's hair with his fingertips, but Kane pulls her away from him. Mickey says gently "she's my girl". He then puts his head between his hands and cries as well. The Police have arrived and Security Officers are clearing the arena. People are starting to realise that nothing that happened here tonight was meant to.

Half an hour has gone by and still Kane sits there holding his sister. No-one dares to approach him at this time in fear that he will go into a rage. The Undertaker has taken Sara backstage where the medics have given her an injection to calm her down. She has fallen asleep. Big Show stays with her as the Undertaker heads back to the ring. He sees Kane still cradling Karina and approaches him silently. He bends down and places his hand on his brother's shoulder, looks at his sister and then says gently and softly to Kane, "come on bro, we need to let the medics take her". Kane shakes his head "no" he says through moans of anguish, "no, she can't go, I won't let her go". The Undertaker looks at the medics and then walks over to the Security Officers, they talk for a while and then four of them approach Kane. Gently, but forcefully, the Undertaker takes one of his brother's arms and pulls it away from Karina. Vigorously Kane pulls his arm from UT's grip and places it back around Karina's limp body. The Security Officers and UT then, together, pull Kane away from Karina with one Officer taking hold of her, lifting her up and carrying her out of the ring, away from Kane. Kane tries to get free, but the remaining Officers and the Undertaker hold him back. The Undertaker holds Kane very tightly and Kane then goes very limp. He collapses.

After the Tragedy:

Both Kane and Sara were sedated for the next 24 hours to help them through all the agony and pain of losing Karina. The Undertaker put on a very brave front, releasing his feelings only when he was alone, he loved his sister too and wanted to seek revenge for her death, but Mickey had already done that so he didn't feel complete, he didn't feel satisfied and knew that this feeling would remain with him for many years to come. He wondered about Mickey, "how come he was so scarred and burnt like Tombstone and Kane? He wasn't there that day, what happened to him? How come he has turned up now? Why didn't he tell me who he was when he first arrived?" UT made the arrangements for the funeral and was able to meet with the Detectives who explained Mickey's side of the story. Mickey was a good friend of the family, spending many times enjoying everyday life with them. He lived not far away and everyone knew how much he loved Karina. They were all convinced that they would marry one day.

Mickey's Story:

When the house exploded into flames, Mickey was on his way home. He had heard the blast and went rushing over to the house to find it ablaze. Worried that someone might be inside, especially Karina, he rushed in; he saw Kane twisting in sheer agony as he was being engulfed by the flames and dragged him to safety. He went back in, but could not find anyone else; there was just too much smoke. By the time he went to retreat, he could find no safe exit, he stumbled around for what seemed like an eternity and then was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a window; he headed towards it and just before he jumped out he saw a body on the floor, charred, unrecognisable. He was lucky to get out with his life, but unfortunately was burned even more than Karina and Kane had been. After he got out of the house he looked for Kane and Karina but could not find them; however he did see Tombstone running away. His thoughts were on Karina, "had it been her body he had seen before fleeing?" He then collapsed and when he came to he was in the hospital. He asked about the family, but was told that all members had died except for the Undertaker, who just disappeared after the fire. He couldn't understand it because he had pulled Kane out of the house and didn't think that he would die from the burning he took.

It took six months before Mickey was able to leave the hospital, but when he was released, he set out to find the Undertaker, he had to know if it was true, that his one love had died, but instead he only located Tombstone, a man so evil that he didn't dare approach him, however he did follow him. He went underground, into the sewers. He said that he must have followed him for about 30 minutes and then Tombstone just disappeared. Over the next few days he kept going back to the place where he had first seen him hoping that he would appear again, but he didn't. Then one night, completely by accident, he saw him; he watched as he strode towards a mailbox. He saw Tombstone put a black envelope in there. He wasn't sure if he should follow Tombstone or try and retrieve the envelope. In the end he decided to go for the envelope. He spent a long time trying to break into the mailbox; eventually he was able to and retrieved the envelope that Tombstone had put in there. He read it and was shocked to see that it was not only intended for Karina, but that is was so threatening; he also felt joy in finding out that she was alive. He took note of the address and then tore the letter up.

He went in search of Karina starting at the address he had taken from the envelope, but no luck. For the next year he searched in vain until one day he saw an article in the newspaper about Kane and the Undertaker in a wrestling match. He was relieved to see that Kane had not died. He decided to visit them. He was on his way over to the arena when he spotted Tombstone, so instead of approaching Kane and the Undertaker he decided to lay low so that he could better be able to see what Tombstone had planned. He saw that Tombstone was hiding in the bushes just watching the venue. After a few hours he saw the brother's leave. Tombstone hurriedly left the scene and headed for a car he had parked only a short distance away. Mickey couldn't follow because he didn't have any transport nearby. The only thing he thought he could do was to disguise himself and enter the WWE; he used to wrestle a lot in his teenage years and thought that maybe he had a good chance of getting in. He had a friend that did him a favour and arranged for an interview with Ric Flair. He remembered most of the moves and performed the best way he could and it ended up that he got the job! Mickey didn't want to let anyone know who he was in case Tombstone found out. He thought it would be best to stay in the background and watch carefully as he knew Tombstone was after Karina.

Mickey had said that he didn't know how many times he wanted to ask about her. He loved your sister with all his heart. He said that he and Karina used to talk often about how they could very well end up married to each other. Mickey wasn't about to let Tombstone hurt her. He is very distressed that he wasn't able to keep the promise he made to himself and in a way blames himself for what happened. Vengeance secretly followed the two of you for months. The crow that struck Kane was a plan deliberately instigated by Tombstone. We believe that Tombstone gave the crows some kind of hyperactive substance that made them go crazy just before they were released because we found the mixture he used in his dwelling.

The night that Vengeance (Mickey) disappeared was the night that he discovered Tombstone's plan to attack the girls. In his locker room he found a black envelope with a yellow rose imprinted on it and within was a sheet of paper on which was written, "your disguise fools me not; tonight those sweet, sweet girls become mine. Those idiot friends of yours think they have them safely tucked away…in Tennessee of all places, right next to that Ranch in the valley….they are wrong, I always get what I want and tonight I don't just get one, but I get two for the price of one! Run as fast as you can, but you will be too late!" When he had read that he rushed out of there hoping to find the girls and protect them. Apparently he did arrive before the Police, but he couldn't find any trace of the Karina or Sara.

Mickey's Story Continued...

When he saw the Police arrive he quickly left, for two reasons, he did not want anyone thinking he was involved in their disappearance and secondly because he wanted to find Tombstone and get the girls back if he could. A while later he heard about the girls being found and was relieved that they were alright, but decided he would keep looking for Tombstone. He did find him too. He was hidden in a cave deep in the valley. He didn't approach him at that point because he knew that Tombstone would be too strong for him so he watched and waited silently for days until Tombstone finally came out, and then he followed him. Followed him to the arena where the four of you were. It seemed that Tombstone had no trouble getting in as he was dressed as one of the coffin bearers. Mickey managed to sneak into the building, but he lost Tombstone, he couldn't figure out where he had gone. He did, however, see Karina. She was with Big Show; he decided that if he couldn't find Tombstone then he would just watch Karina and make sure that she was safe. Mickey saw Karina come running out of the locker room, he tried to follow her as quickly as he could, but she was too far ahead of him and too fast. He saw her exit the backstage area so he climbed as high as he could towards the roof of the building thinking he would be able to get a better view of the arena from there, but when he reached the top and looked down he saw Tombstone stab Karina with the knife. He grabbed onto a piece of rope nearby that was being used to hold up some props and swung down to attack him. You know the rest.

After a while the Undertaker asked "where is Mickey now?" "We have put him up in a hotel just down the street, he had nowhere to go" replied the Detective. The Undertaker asked for the details and then set off to meet with Mickey. He arrived a short time later; the hotel was dark and dingy. He made his way up to Mickey's room, knocked on the door and Mickey opened it. The Undertaker walked in and put his arms around Mickey patting him on the back and saying, "thanks Mick". Mick replied, "thanks for what? I didn't save her, after all these months of following, of looking, of praying, of planning, I didn't save her; she's gone, my angel is gone once more. I thought I had lost her once before and when I found out that I hadn't I was elated; but now she is really gone, she's gone for good this time". With that said he wept. After a short while he asked the Undertaker, "did she ever talk about me?" The Undertaker looked at Mickey and said "she had amnesia Mickey, she didn't mention you in the time she was with us, I am not sure that she remembered. Now you go and pack your things you are coming home with me". "No", Mickey said, I couldn't do that. "Oh yes you can and yes, you will. You are not staying in this dirty place. You have a home now, with me and Sara, so pack your things." With that Mickey packed his things.

They stopped by the hospital and saw that Sara was doing much better, however Kane was very silent, he seemed to be slightly withdrawn, only speaking when absolutely necessary. Sara and the Undertaker took Kane and Mickey home with them. Mickey had tried to reach Kane, but at this point in time he was getting nowhere.

Home at Last:

Upon their arrival home Kane made his way up to Karina's bedroom. He entered, looked around and picked up her shawl, which was lying on the bed. "She loved this shawl, she wore it everywhere" he thought. He had given it to her. He held it; he smelt the perfume that was lingering upon it. After about two hours, he headed back downstairs where he joined the Undertaker, Sara and Mickey. He looked at them one by one and then asked, "when's the funeral". "Tomorrow", UT replied. Mickey then moved closer to Kane and said "I loved her too Kane, more than life itself, I tried, I tried so hard". Kane turned to Mickey and nodded his head. They then talked for hours, about Karina, about what had happened, and retired for the night.

The Funeral:

There weren't many people at the funeral. Vince and Ric were there along with some of the WWE staff, crew and wrestlers who had come to know Karina during those past months. The coffin was white, a pearly white and had red and pink roses placed all over the lid. Kane parted with his momma's pendant, placing it on top of the coffin. The Reverend spoke the kindest words and the Undertaker related to everyone how full of life and unselfish Karina was. Kane was unable to speak; it was too much to bear. Karina was laid to rest and the family headed home.

Where to now?:

Kane sat himself out on the back porch and Mickey joined him. "Mick" Kane said. "Yeah" replied Mickey. "I want you to come home with me, we can't stay with Taker and Sara forever. They need to get their lives back to normal". "I'll be fine Kane, I'll find a place of my own somewhere" replied Mickey. "No, that won't work, you have the same burns as I have, I know how hard it is to live out there in the real world, they won't accept you, at least if we are together it will make our lives a little easier and I want you to know that I really want you to continue wrestling with us, you are now part of this family". Mickey was starting to become emotional so he quickly said "okay" and walked away, back inside the house.

When Kane and Mickey went home, the Undertaker accompanied them and stayed for a few days. Kane sat out in the garden nearly everyday reminiscing about the time he spent with his sister, remembering their words; their laughter. The Undertaker sat beside him on this one particular day and Kane said to him "you know, Karina said that I would find someone special to share my life with. I didn't believe her, I still don't believe her, but was happy that I was sharing my life with her, my sister, someone that loved me for what I am, what I am on the inside. She saw through these scars and burns on my face. Now she's gone and I have no one to share my thoughts with. No offence bro, but it was different being able to share my feelings with a female, even if she was my sister." The Undertaker thought for a while and then said "she might still be right you know. You might meet someone one day, you should never give up".

Karina's Promise:

Suddenly both men see Bruno, Kane's dog, come tearing out of the bushes and darting under the house and right behind him is this girl, running full speed. She stops, stares at them and then plonks herself down next to Kane. He turns his head not wanting her to see his burnt and scarred face for he was not wearing his mask. She asks, "that's your dog?". Kane replies "um, yes". "Well, that dog of yours…..she stops because she has looked at him and sees that he has turned his head away from her …."you could at least look at me when I am speaking to you"….she then places her hand on his face and turns it towards her….looking straight into his face she continues…"as I was saying, this dog of yours has been nicking my underwear from my clothesline for the past three weeks". Kane and the Undertaker look at her with surprise. "Well, what are you going to do about it?" she asks. "I'm sorry, I didn't know, I haven't been around much and my housekeeper has been taking care of him. I will replace your underwear, it's the least I can do, I am really sorry" Kane replies. "You bet you will, but you won't replace my underwear you will replace the cost of my underwear, if you think for one minute I would let you choose my underwear then you are sadly mistaken. Now, why don't you come with me….come on". She takes Kane's hand and leads him to Bruno's hiding place and says "go on, look under there I bet you will find a stash of my underwear". Kane bends down and crawls under the house, he comes back out and says, "yeah, it's there, I'm sorry, Bruno is a bit hard to tame sometimes". "I will send you the bill" she says.

With that she walks off, through Kane's house and out the front door. Kane and the Undertaker follow and Kane says softly to UT "she didn't even flinch when she saw my face, she actually touched it and didn't utter one word about my scars and burns". UT just nodded his head and then said, "you remember what Karina said "sometimes you have to take chances, you just have to dive in there, because if you don't you may end up with regrets and "what ifs" later on. With that Kane races out of the house and yells "hold on". The girl stops and turns around placing both hands on her hips and says, "you're not thinking of backing out of this". "No" says Kane. "I wanted to know what your name is". "It's Isabella and I live just down the road a bit". Thoughts are now racing through Kane's mind "she is so cute, she's like a doll you could just pick off the shelf and buy to take home. Her hair is so shiny, dark and long; wavy. She's tiny, but her jeans show her curved figure and her eyes so big and brown. Her expressions are magnetic, so sweet".

Kane then reaches down and picks a red rosebud from his garden and hands it to her "for you, I hope you will forgive my dog, he's really not that bad". Isabella reaches for the rose, touching Kane's fingers slightly as she takes it and then her eyes widen with surprise as the rosebud blooms. "Hey, a trick rose, cool" says Isabella. "How did you do that?" she asks. Kane just shakes his head from side to side hardly believing what he just saw. After a short pause he tilts his head and asks, "do you like wrestling by any chance?" "Oh, I sure do, I watch it every week, wouldn't miss it" Isabella replies. "That's great" says Kane. "I have a couple of backstage passes, you interested?" he says. Isabella finds herself feeling hot and realises that she is now blushing. She replies quietly "yes, as a matter of fact I am very interested.

By the way, you didn't tell me your name?" "It's Kane" he replies. "Kane?" says Isabella with a look of surprise on her face. "Not, THE Kane, from WWE?". "Yes, that's right" he says. "Oh, so let me get this straight….you can wrestle monsters in the ring, throw them around like paperweights, but you can't tame a dog?" Kane can't help himself, he bursts out laughing and says "well, maybe you can teach me". "Yeah, maybe I can" she says.

Thank you for allowing me to publish your story Snowy, I'll always remember it as the first and best fan fiction I have ever read.