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Wednesday 4th December - First update in well over a week...long overdue!  I've added last week's RAW pictures, along with this weeks in the RAW section courtesy of All 4 Kane.  Kaniaction has been updated as well as a new Picture of the Month.  A new Poll has been added and last month's Poll results are up at the Poll Archive.  I've also added some great Fan Art by Anne, and managed to reply to all the e-mails...inbox was definitely packed out!  One Kaniac's Thanks to Kane has been added as well as a new Link.  That's all for today, until the next updated...be safe!


No Kane match on RAW unfortunately.  However, Kane's buddy The Hurricane faced Batista, and just as the bullying got started, Kane ran down and made the save for his fellow freak, clearing the ring of Batista and Flair!  These 5 minute spots for Kane are getting real annoying!

Credit for pictures to WWE.

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