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Below are thanks, compliments and messages to The Big Red Machine for the past five years of entertainment and the future of his entertainment from his Kaniacs.  If you'd like to thank Kane please fill in the form by clicking HERE.

Name: Zak
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Comments: Thanks Kane, for all the entertainment you have given us over these past years.  Your sacrifice has been a huge one, and I appreciate it very much.  I never used to be a big mark for any grappler until you came along.  You changed the whole scene for me, that's why I mark out every time I see you on TV.  I hurt when you got hurt, and I felt your injuries, not physically, but mentally.  your return in August filled that empty whole in the WWE, the one that made it empty for nearly five months.  If I had to run down my favorite thing about Kane, I'd say the man behind the mask, Glenn Jacobs.  I hope you know how you affect people, the way you portray Kane creates strength among many - You stand for "It's OK to be different", whether you're white, black, pink, yellow, whatever race, whether you're disabled, whatever religion.  It's OK to be YOU.  I hope to see you kicking it and freakin' it in the WWE for a long time to come.  You've earned my respect and the respect of millions.  You deserve every good thing in life you get.  Thanks for everything.

Name: Embyrr
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Comments: Kane, Congratulations on your five year Anniversary in the WWE.  Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made, to entertain us, your fans.  I can only hope we give to you, half of what you have given us.  Here's to many more glorious years with the company, and continued success.  Kane is the Flame, that sparked the Eternal Embyrr.

Name: Nathan Mc Glone
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Comments: All I can say is thank you Kane and please continue to kick ass and entertain all the Kaneanites around the world!

Name: Anne
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Comments: Thank you so much Glenn Jacobs the man behind the mask or Kane for being tough through the past five years.  Through injuries and hard times you still kept going on.  Going on to hold many WWE titles and keep this Kaneknight on her toes.

Name: Humphris
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Comments: Kane is the best wrestler with the best gimmick in the history of wrestling, his quest to be recognized as a person is inspirational, from his battles with fellow giants The Undertaker and The Big Show to the personal betrayals from X-Pac and Tori, he keeps getting back up and fighting, no matter how bleak the odds are, Kane you are an inspiration to myself and my friends [even non wrestling fans] due to your 
determination and courage, good luck and I hope [as do my mates] that you kick 
HHH's ass at No Mercy like you did last year at Judgment Day.  Good luck and thanks for the memories, and some of the most entertaining matches ever.

Name: Isaak
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Comments: Thank you Kane for the 5 years of entertainment.  You're my favorite wrestler of all time and I just want to congratulate you on the many titles you've one and hope you win more.  I hope to stay for another 50 years. You're the best.  Thank you Glenn Jacobs (Kane).  Hope you win the World title.

Name: Cody
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Comments: Kane, thank you so much!  Like another person said earlier, the character you have teaches us it is okay to be different, you can still accomplish greatness. Your matches always have a bit of a spark to them and I hope you win the World Title at No Mercy!

Name: Salem Los Arabian
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Comments: I am one of Kane's fans and yes we here in the Arabian world love Kane big time.  I think he is one hell of special character... he is really special whenever he is in his shell or out of it!  thanks Kane for this nice journey I hope u continue with more good scripts.  Comment: Please guys who write scripts, give Kane good scripts cause he deserve more and he is not a murderer.

Name: Patrick Kaluzney
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Comments: Kane, I just want to say I'm a big fan of yours and I want to thank you for being in the WWE.  you're a very good wrestler.

Name: Big Doc
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Comments: Thanks for the great entertainment you've given us Kane. Go to Survivor Series and win the freak'n title. You deserve it more than anyone.

Name: Chris
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Comments: Kane, Glenn Jacobs whatever you want to be called, I am truly grateful that you risk your life every Monday to entertain me and all the other freakin Kaneanites around the world.  Survivor Series is your night, I know it.  Send Booker T, HBK, Y2J, RVD and especially HHH to hell so the freaks scream so loud that you can hear them from 
Canada.  Thank you Glenn, you're what I look forward to every Monday

Name: Linda
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Comments: Thank you Kane.  You are the reason I am a wrestling fan.  You are the best, and I hope you get all the fame you so richly deserve.

Name: Adara Butler
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Comments: Thanks Kane.  You are the best wrestler out of the WWE.  May you continue to shine in all that you do.  Freaks rule!