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Thursday 31st October - Join WWE Superstars Kane, Hurricane, Al Snow, and Spike on Monday, Nov. 4 at noon at Northeastern University’s Krentzman Quad on Huntington Avenue for the final Smackdown Your Vote! rally of 2002. In case of inclement weather, the event will be held on the 2nd floor of the Curry Student Center - Credit to WWE.

Kane will be a participant in the RAW main event at Survivor series, entitled The Elimination Chamber.  Kane will face off against HHH, Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Booker T and RVD in an all out brawl which will determine the World Champion.

day 22nd October - Topeka, Kan. Oct. 25 -- KANE will be signing autographs from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Landon Arena, just prior to the WWE event at the facility - Credit to WWE.

day 15th October - "One thing that really bothered me about the show was that after a stellar, mind-blowing Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match in which all the competitors gave us 110 percent, they ended the show on a confusing note in my eyes. We had a crowd that was on the edge of its seat from start to end, Kane retaining the Tag Team Titles by himself because his partner was injured. Just when I thought it was all said and done with that great finish, Triple H and Ric Flair come walking out and quiet the crowd by accusing Kane of murder. I understand storylines need a beginning, but after the effort everyone put into the match, that to me seemed to take away everything that had been accomplished in the ring" - Droz, regarding 10/07/02 RAW, credit to WWE.

day 9th October - On RAW, Kane defended the Tag Titles (and retained) all by himself against four other teams in a TLC match.  But wait, that's not it!  After the match Triple H came out with Ric Flair and said he knew all about "Katie Fick".  Katie Fick's not happy because she's dead.  Triple H claimed Kane murdered Katie Fick ten years ago!

When every single RAW superstar showed up to RAW yesterday, there was a huge meeting. They were told by agents that RAW needed to shape up and shape up damn fast. They were told the following:

1. Vince McMahon is going to have storyline writers incorporate more storylines that will continue on for weeks. (IE: "Kane being a Murderer" and Victoria bringing up Trish's past.)

2. In order to get some of SmackDown!'s 'formula' incorporated into RAW, Michael Hayes has been moved to the Raw team, while Bruce Prichard will now be a part of SmackDown!

Some of the boys in the Lockeroom felt it was a great idea while others said "Vince still doesn't get what Heyman does, so he figures Michael can explain it to Brian Gerwertz - Credit to WrestleZone.

"As an added bonus at TV this week, I finally put an end to my Kane choke slam streak. For those of you who haven’t noticed, I have been choke slammed by Kane on every TV show and PPV since his return to action. THE MAN HAD MY NUMBER. Turns out all I had to do was quit having matches with him, go figure." - Lance Storm,

"I'm from Australia and I was flicking through the local TV cable guide and it had a little advertisement for WWE No Mercy. All the advertisement showed was Kane's new mask. More than likely it's time for a run for Kane at the top, obviously since he's in the main-event that's legit. However, pay-per view advertisements like this one doesn't confirm he'll win, just a note I thought I'd pass along" - Credit to

day 5th October - It's OFFICIALLY Kane's 5th year in the WWE today!  Five years ago, Kane made his debut at Badd Blood, ripping the door off the Hell in a Cell and taking out The Undertaker.  Five years on, Kane has had many title runs and is currently one half of the Tag Team Champions along with The Hurricane and he's the Intercontinental Champion!  Kane also won the WWE title within 9 months of debuting in the WWE, although short lived, Kane proved he could kick it with the big boys in the company.  Like big brother Taker has said, Kane isn't even close to peaking yet.  And that's saying SOMETHING, especially after all Kane has accomplished!  Wishing you all the best Kane - thanks for the past five years of entertainment, hope to see you for many more years to come.

Tuesday 1st October
- It's gonna be FIVE Years of Hell Fire & FREAK'N Brimstone this upcoming Saturday, October 5th!!!  Over these past five years, he's been a champion 11 times, layed a wet one on Terri, became the first ever WWE/WCW tag team champs along with big brother Taker and lasted 56 minutes in the 2001 Royal Rumble, eliminating 11 people which is over a third of the whole FREAK'N match - I'll stop there, cause you don't wanna get me started on the Hurricanerana on Albert!!!  Kane will be out and about signing autographs at an appearance which you'll find details of below so if you're in the vicinity of Sacramento California on Saturday, pay Big Red a visit and thank him on behalf of his BILLIONS of fellow freaks all over the world for entertaining us for the past five years, physically and inspirationally!  Be SURE to stop by here on October 5th, we'll be partying like it's 1999!!!  Err...just stop by!  One more thing...please click HERE to fill in a form with your thanks, support and comments to Kane, which will be published on the site - the more, the merrier!

RAW: KANE became the Intercontinental Champion for the second time in his WWE career (He is a double champ now, seeing as he is one half of the WWE Tag Champs along with The Hurricane).  Also, by winning this match, Kane goes on to No Mercy to face HHH in a Title Unification match which will leave only one singles title on the RAW brand, making the winner, "RAWLY" undisputed!  Best of luck to everyone's favourite Big Red Machine!!!

Here's the WWE's take on the RAW happenings
: The Machine has been on a tear since bursting back into WWE. Just one week after becoming a Tag Team Champion, Kane upset Chris Jericho on RAW to win the coveted Intercontinental Championship!  Should Kane continue his hot streak, he'll find himself in a battle against the World Heavyweight Champion at No Mercy. Eric Bischoff revealed his plan to unify the IC Title and the World Heavyweight Championship at the October pay-per-view - Credit to WWE.

After RAW ended, HHH and Kane had a stare-down. Kane finally got HHH to get in the ring. They fought for a couple of minutes before Kane hit the chokeslam and left with his 2 belts. HHH posed for a few minutes. He started to leave, but he went all the way around the ringside to do it. He argued with a bunch of guys with a bedsheet sign that said "HHH Sucks" and then he argued with some guy who was really pissed. HHH just kept pointing to the ring and then to the World Title before blowing the guy off and leaving. No return date announced - Credit to WrestleZone.

Overall WWE management was pleased with last night's RAW show. The constant raving about "shut up and wrestle" from internet media, a column on, and Jim Ross in his Ross Report got through to WWE pretty good as they put 8 matches on last night's show as opposed to the normal 5 or 6. WWE thought the Kane victory was well done as well as the continued push of Randy Orton - Credit to WrestleZone.

Sacramento, Calif. October 5 (On Kane's 5th Anniversary in the WWE!!!) - Kane and Bubba Ray Dudley will be appearing at 6 p.m. at Arco Arena, on behalf of SmackDown! Your Vote! Attendees can register to vote. The event is free and the public is encouraged to attend - Credit to WrestleZone.

The WWE No Mercy ad's feature photos of Kane. That does not necessarily mean Kane will be a major part of the PPV itself though. Those ad's are printed months in advance - Credit to WrestleZone.

The original plan for Kane's return was to have him on SmackDown!, but since RAW has been noted as the 'weaker' of the two shows, they decided to change plans - Credit to WrestleZone.

Tuesday 24th September
- Kane & The Hurricane capture the Tag Team titles from The UnAmericans on RAW last night.  This is Kane's 7th WWE Tag Title held!

Seattle: Sept. 24
-- UNDERTAKER, TRIPLE H, ROB VAN DAM, BOOKER T, ERIC BISCHOFF, EDGE, KURT ANGLE, KANE, CHRIS JERICHO, BIG SHOW, TRISH STRATUS, STEPHANIE MCMAHON, BROCK LESNAR, PAUL HEYMAN and TORRIE WILSON will be appearing the the Experience Music Project, 2901 3rd Ave., for a major media event/announcement, beginning at 10 a.m. Tickets are limited, but are free. To find out how to get them, visit - Credit to WWE.

Thursday 19th September
- Foxboro, Mass: Oct. 18 -- KANE will be signing autographs beginning at 6 p.m. at Spooky World, which is located in the woods behind Gillette Stadium. Autographs are free with paid admission to the park - Credit to WWE.

Tuesday 17th September
- Booker T made the challenge on RAW and the UnAmericans accepted.  At Unforgiven it will be The UnAmericans Vs Booker T, Goldust, KANE and Buh Buh Ray Dudley.

The No Mercy poster is advertised with Kane's latest mask.  Under the mouth-open area it says "No Mercy".  Hopefully this should mean BIG things for Kane.  Click here to see the picture, credit to the October WWE RAW Magazine and a big thanks to my buddy Sheila for scanning this picture!

Ross From Ringside by Jim Ross: Great to see Kane back in action after his bicep surgery. He seems poised and ready to take his career to another level and has already established himself as one of the best big men ever in this company. The seven-foot, 300 pounder is an awesome athlete.

I first saw, and then signed him to our company, about a decade ago while he was competing in Smoky Mountain Wrestling based in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was easy to see then that Kane was special and his size and athleticism were only surpassed by his professionalism and character. Keep an eye on this big monster!  Extracted from October 2002 WWE RAW Magazine.

Friday 6th September
- This past Sunday, general managers, Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon appeared during the Dallas, TX, live event. Stephanie had promised earlier in the night that she would have Eric Bischoff ejected if he showed up, which he eventually did. Bischoff happened to appear after Kane had finished a match on this Smackdown! brand live event. Kane was ordered to chokeslam Stephanie but Bischoff was promptly sent for the ride instead - Credit to WrestleZone.

Tuesday 3rd September
- When Kane was scheduled to return after a several month lay off due to a torn bicep, WWE promoted "The Big Red Machine" to appear at SmackDown! brand house shows against Kurt Angle.

While at first glance it may seem like WWE originally planned for Kane to return as part of the SmackDown! brand, that doesn't seem to be the case. According to various sources, WWE purposely false-promoted Kane to avoid what happened when they had Chris Jericho and the UnAmericans switch from SmackDown! to RAW.

When one of the first cliffhangers on WWE television as far as the brand extension goes and wrestlers jumping from roster-to-roster, they didn't get the shock value they had hoped for. When planning Jericho and the UnAmericans to go from SmackDown! to RAW, WWE took them off of SmackDown! house show line-ups. This led many internet journalists to speculate that it would be those four who would make the jump to RAW. As everyone knows by now, that is exactly what happened.

WWE apparently made this move with Kane, promoting him for the SmackDown! house shows before his television return, attempting to swerve the internet and have them report he would return with the SmackDown! brand, which many journalists including myself speculated on, only to have him debut out of nowhere on RAW last week as they did - Credit to WrestleZone.

Monday 2nd September - House Show Results (8/31/02) - Corpus Christi, Texas: Kane Vs Bull Buchanan: It's great to see Bull back! Anyway, Kane comes out to a lot of pops and he pretty much dominates the match with Bull getting in several key offensive moves. Bull even jumped from the top ropes which really impressed me. Of course Kane one, and I kept chanting "Kanearoonie" but he didn't do anything of that sort. Most people didn't recognize Bull but once he started leaving the ring early on, he immediately got heel chants for being a chicken - Credit to Rajah WWF.

Several reports from the SmackDown! house show in Corpus Christi, Texas involving a Kane interpromotional match against Bull Buchanon were pretty interesting. While a lot of educated fans knew it was the real Kane, a lot who sent in reports mentioned that a huge section of the crowd was shouting to Kane in the ring saying he was fake. This of course being due to Kane returning last Monday on RAW with a completely different look - Credit to WrestleZone.

Due to Bischoff's RAW wrestlers losing the chance to compete for the Undisputed Title, it is expected that he will do something shocking, which seems to be pointing towards creating a RAW World Title (although not confirmed). Additionally, Kane and HHH are looking to have a feud soon, possibly beginning within the next few weeks, but there is no word yet on when it will turn into a PPV match - Credit to WrestleZone.

On the 30th August episode of Byte This, Kevin Kelly and Dr. Tom addressed the number of questions, e-mails, calls and instant messages they'd received over the week on the issue of a 'fake' Kane.  Kevin and Dr. Tom's reaction, gestures and comments on this were priceless! They were like "WHO the hell else WOULD it have been?!?!?" - Credit to A Hug 4 Kane.

"Great to see a leaner Kane back on RAW. He's down to only 275-280 pounds. And yes, that was the real and original Kane" - J.R, credit to WWE.

"Seeing Kane make his return, especially when it involved interrupting the Un-Americans, was definitely worth the wait. It is great to see him able to return to the ring and add new flavor to an already exciting show. I am looking forward to seeing him work his magic once again" - Droz, credit to WWE.

day 29th August - Kane finally made his long awaited return on RAW.  He came out and kicked UnAmerican ass.  This Kane had a new mask and a new costume, was slimmer, and could do the Kane-A-Rooni!

There has been a lot of talk about the shocking difference in appearance Kane had last night as opposed to his previous stint in WWE. Many were under the impression that it wasn't the real Kane, Glenn Jacobs, but a fake Kane.

People tend to draw that conclusion from the difference in size. Many felt, and rightfully so, Kane looked smaller last night than he had in his previous WWE run. With an injury like a bicep tear, you can only hit the gym, especially when that's where the original bicep tear took place.

Kane also had a brand new look last night, which exposed more of his face than his old masks would, leading a lot to believe that it might not even be the real Kane. That was Glenn Jacobs, the legitimate Kane, despite the difference in appearance - Credit to WrestleZone.

Sunday 25th August
- "After my report yesterday regarding Kane being scheduled for SmackDown! house shows in September, Kane has been pulled from the card. Originally, it was scheduled to be Kurt Angle vs. Kane in a singles match, but Kane has been pulled from the show leaving no announced replacement for Kurt Angle thus far. The same house show that Kane was scheduled for in September, Undertaker is scheduled to work as well. His match is scheduled to be against Brock Lesnar, but it is being billed as an interpromotional match due to Undertaker being a RAW brand superstar." - Credit to WrestleZone.

"WWE continues to hype the return of Kane with continual teases and insinutations that he is about to join one of the Raw or Smackdown! roster. In his latest Titan Tron video clip (and I can't remember the exact words) Kane talked about having a dance with the Devil and a date with his mistress. That is open to many different interpretations on who the "Devil" is (Eric Bischoff? Vince McMahon?) but I think we can all agree that the "mistress" in question has to be Stephanie. The word mistress has a lot of different meanings and because people are usually only familiar with one, they forget that one of them is a woman of high power or authority. However, when all is said and done, it's silly to hang on to every word in a literal sense since the message was likely only thought up to spark interest and get people talking. I think a very simplistic way of thinking of it is that Kane has a meeting with Bischoff and a dance with Stephanie and from there, he will or has he stated already has chosen his path. Rumors are abound that Kane will be joining the Smackdown! roster and I tend to agree with that assessment so whenever he shows, look for this to probably occur. I think WWE would be best served to keep Undertaker and Kane in different brands due to their complex relationship. Oh yeah and just as an aside, to everyone who thinks that the Kane message is referring to Undertaker and his wife Sara, I hate to burst your bubble but I don't believe there are any plans at all to bring Sara back.

Before I wrap up the talk on Kane, as reported on the newsboard it appears as if the "Big Red Machine" will now be known as the "Big Freak'N machine" and will undergo a physical change of sorts by way of a slightly new mask. I suppose there's no real purpose to it except to take this absence of his as an opportunity to freshen up his look and present him in a different, and possibly more human light. However, for people STILL waiting for Kane to be unmasked, just let it go already because it's obviously not going to happen anytime soon. In fact, I hope they never unmask him or they can kiss his gimmick goodbye." - Credit to Rajah WWF.

Friday 23rd August - As many of you know and as Matt reported yesterday, Kane is expected to return during the next several weeks. WWE has been hyping a return in the very near future with constant interruptions on both RAW and SmackDown! during in-ring segments.

In somewhat of a surprising story, WWE has added Kane's new T-Shirt "The Big Freak'N Machine" on it's WWE ShopZone website. The interesting this is - his new mask that he will wear upon returning is displayed on the back! - Credit to WrestleZone. Click here to view the new Tee with the new mask, or click here to go straight to the WWE ShopZone page that displays it.

22nd August -WWE will be having a SmackDown! brand house show in Billings, Montana on September 14th. At this point, Kane is advertised to work this house show in a match against Kurt Angle.

This could mean a number of things. One, it could be a way for WWE to throw off people who pay attention to things of this nature expecting Kane to be on SmackDown!, but ending up on RAW. Two, it could mean he is working the house show (which is a Saturday show) just to help live attendance and debut on RAW the following Monday. Three, it could mean the obvious - Kane will be part of the SmackDown! crew.

There is always the possibility that Kane will return before then, which seems to be the most logical option as that particular house show is nearly a month away and WWE has already kicked promotion to Kane's return in high-gear the past two weeks - Credit to WrestleZone.

"Kane made an appearance at KB Toys Outlet's grand opening in Wilmington, Del. on Aug. 10. The two-hour event seemed to be a success with a very long line being cutoff early. Many children (with parents) were in attendance. Kane had his hair pulled back and was wearing his mask (I guess X-Pac returned it for this appearance). It seemed to be a good promotion for KB and indicated high popularity for Kane." - Doug Peacock, credit to Wrestling Exposed.

19th August -"Kane is healed and ready to return to WWE TV" - JR's Ross Report at WWE.

"When Kane returns, it is likely that Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff will be battling for his signature." 

"WWE continues to hype the return of Kane to television, but in a nice touch there has been no real word on what brand he will compete on as his "The Fire Still Burns" promo has aired on both Raw and Smackdown! this past week. For anyone wondering, Kane is pretty much officially cleared to return to wrestling but WWE has held off on re-introducing him back into the mix because everyone seems paired off at the moment and it'd be more appropriate to probably wait until the PPV or some time around it so that they can put him into a brand new storyline that will build up to the September PPV. In the meantime though, they are trying to make his return seem like a big deal by showing the promos which I think is a great idea although I'm pissed that they didn't do that to Chris Benoit. Anyway, I think Kane will have to return as a face, but a heel turn soon thereafter is not out of the question, although somewhat doubtful. I also have a feeling that Kane will be used on Smackdown! since it would not only keep away from the Undertaker but it would give Smackdown! a potential main eventer, especially with Hollywood Hulk Hogan's expected absence (more on this later) and the somewhat recent defection of Triple H" - Rajah WWF.

11th August - "Kane is reportedly all set to make his return from bicep injury/surgery, although it isn't clear what roster he will wrestle on as his return is being shown and hyped on both Raw and Smackdown!. With the nWo disbanded, there really is no storyline for him to dive back into on Raw, but with Undertaker there and seemingly outnumbered against the UnAmericans, perhaps Kane will join him there to fight the good fight against Storm and Christian. I guess we'll see, and don't be surprised to see Kane pop up this week or sometime around Summerslam." - Credit to Rajah WWF.

9th August - "It was great seeing Kane this week, and he looks to be very well-rested and in great shape following his bicep injury. The young monster’s return is much-anticipated, but the question is, will he be appearing on Raw or SmackDown!?" - JR's Ross Report at WWE.

Tuesday 6th August
- Kane's return has been guaranteed imminent now by the promo video that was aired on RAW last night.  It ended with the punch line "The Fire Still Burns".  Not long till we see The Big Red Machine on TV again!

Paul Bearer has written his Latest Commentary for, and there's great news! His wife of 23 years, Dianna, who has been battling cancer for the last year, recently received the results of her latest exam. According to her doctor, the cancer is gone.

4th August - RUMOR: "From a very reliable source in WWE, we received some information regarding Brock and Kane, and the PPV posters that are being designed as I write this.

For the Unforgiven PPV that will take place in September, it features Brock Lesnar on the poster, and underneath are the words:


The No Mercy poster for October is a bit interesting. As of now, WWE has 3 posters currently designed for this PPV. All three have Kane featured on the front. What is more interesting, is that all three posters feature 2 different masks for Kane. Kane will definitely be back with a new mask.

The first poster, has a Black & Red mask, which covers mainly his eyes, and leaves his bottom face & mouth fully exposed.

In another poster, they feature Kane in a mask very similar to the "Phantom of The Opera" mask Undertaker wore a few years back.

The third poster has the same mask as the Phantom mask. However, in the background of the poster shows many skulls and crossbones graphics.

As soon as I get my hands on these, I will post them on the website."

Full credit to Wrestling-News and Eboni for notifying me about this.

4th August - Kane has been released from doctor's care after his torn biceps and will be returning soon, much to the delight of all of us.  

On another note, J.R said "It took me all of two weeks to get comfortable with the new RAW announce position which sets on the floor between the stage and the last row of ringside.  We are closer to the pyro, which can get a little warm, and it is definitely louder than being at ringside, but that's certainly not a deal breaker."
(Kane's return pyro will probably scare J.R and The King to the other side of the USA!) - Credit to WWE

27th July - Kane looks as if he will be cleared to return from biceps surgery at the end of July - Credit to WWE.

20th July - Kane, who along with Terri did a terrific job promoting WWE in Australia last week, is likely to be able to return to work in two weeks. His torn biceps is almost healed and this big athlete will be welcomed back with open arms when he returns - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

Friday 19th July
- WWE Superstar Kane lays the smack down on Motorfest at the Molson Indy in Vancouver.  Experience the attitude at Motorfest on Saturday, July 27, from 3:30pm to 5pm. To be a part of this autograph session, you must have a ticket to the Molson Indy. For details, call 604-280-INDY today. Hang on to your Molson Indy Vancouver ticket stub to receive $5 off select tickets to WWE Live at the P.N.E. on August 11. Redeemable at Ticketmaster - Credit to WWE.

Wednesday 17th July
- Fan Frenzy: Crown Casino was overwhelmed by WWE fans who this morning lined up in one the longest lines crown has ever seen!

Fans started queuing from 4am Friday morning, the line stretching from the crown showroom to the carpark! Kane walked the entire line giving fans high fives as thousands of fans brought tickets to Fan Frenzy.

Kane & Terri made an appearance at Toys 'R' Us Melbourne Central.

Toys 'R' Us Chatswood was jammed packed Thursday, WWFDU fans getting the chance to jump in line first!

Over 1000 fans jammed packed Myer Melbourne Tuesday to see Kane & Terri make their first public appearance in Australia.

WWE representative Roger Marment welcomed fans and promised that "Fan Frenzy" will be another huge event part of the Global Warning Tour banner.

Fans asked Kane & Terri questions who both were very warm to the HOT crowd that went crazy when they joined the stage. Terri says she was asked to wear the "Fan Frenzy" T-Shirt but instead rubs the t-shirt all over herself and throws it to the crowd!

Crown Casinos official site has listed ticket prices for Fan Frenzy at $45.00 includes booking fee & GST - Transaction fee applies to phone charge and internet bookings - $7.50 per booking (not per ticket) - Credit to WWF Down Under.

Monday 15th July
- Meet Kane at the KeyArena Box Office beginning at 10:30 a.m. on July 20 -- the day tickets go on sale for this event!

Ticket Information : On sale July 20. Tickets are available at the Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets. Charge-by-phone by calling (206) 628-0888 in Seattle or (253) 627-8497 in Tacoma.

Ticket prices are $40, $35, $25 and $15. Ticket purchases may be subject to service/convenience charges and facility fees.

Thursday 11th July
- Wilmington, Del. Aug. 10 -- KANE will be signing autographs from noon to 2 p.m. at the grand opening of KB Toys, Brandyville Town Center, 220 Concord Pike - Credit to WWE.

Thursday 11th July
- Today (Tuesday) I went to see Kane & Terri in Melbourne, Australia. I didn't expect the turn out to be that big but it was a pretty big crowd with about 1000 people crammed in a small ballroom. By the time I got there it was pretty much packed and for 20 mins they played Forceable Entry music. A host from a radio show we have here was hyping fan frenzy and telling us how its going to be great and that we will get to see Kane & Terri later.

Terri came out first and of course received a huge pop because over here we're happy to see any WWE superstar. Kane came out in casual clothes and of course with a mask on. They had a few questions from people in the crowd but these people asked really dumb in-character questions like "how did it feel to win the WWE title" when I really wanted to know if he was coming to Global Warning because it is only the Smackdown crew. Kane said that he would return in less than a month and that he’s happy for his 'brother' the undertaker and everything he’s done.

They did a lot of hyping for fan frenzy, Terri talked about how she loved the fans and that fan frenzy was a chance to get to spend some time with the fans. A few idiots in the crowd tried to start up a 'what' chant. It was very hard to see because we did arrive pretty late and Kane was sitting down. Then came the autograph signing and I wasn't in the mood to wait 2 hours so I left. All in all I only really got to SEE Kane for about 1 minute in total but I'm just happy to see a WWE superstar here - Credit to WrestleZone.

Sunday July 7th - World Wrestling Entertainment will have a "Fan Frenzy" event, which is part of it's Global Warming event in Australia, which will be in August. There will be appearances by Kane and Terri Runnels at the on sale dates. The full press release from the Australian promoters is as follows:


Tuesday 9th July, 12 noon at Myer Melbourne WWE Superstars KANE™ and TERRI™ will officially launch Fan Frenzy™, the ultimate fan experience for all WWE fans.

WWE Superstars KANE™ and TERRI™ will be at the Showroom from 11.00am to issue the first tickets and take calls from fans on Triple M's Steve Bedwell show. From 1.00pm tickets will be available by phone and on line at TickTek.

July 6th - Kane is about four weeks away from returning from biceps surgery. Along with Terri, Kane will be traveling to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, next week to do promotional work for World Wrestling Entertainment's Aug. 10 event in Melbourne. Kane is not scheduled to wrestle on that event as we speak - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

Friday July 5th
- The following rumors come from the Informer column of the WWE August 2002 Magazine:

After vacationing in a resort somewhere in the South Pacific, word was received that Rikishi and Kane are busy engineering a plan to deliver some payback to a superstar neither one likes. The plan is so elaborate that it could involve six other superstars and would precipitate one of them being traded. The final sticking point revolves around a former commissioner who realizes that, should he chose to participate in this scheme, his career will be altered forever.

Thursday July 4th
- There is a tentative plan for Kane to return to WWE around SummerSlam time. It appears as though right now he won't be able to wrestle come time for SummerSlam, but they hope he will shortly there after so he can return around SummerSlam to build a program with someone for when he is ready to return to in-ring action - Credit to WrestleZone.

{Monday 1st July 2002}  "Kane is rehabilitating his injured biceps virtually everyday and is well on his way to a full recovery within the next six weeks or so." - J.R's Ross Report at WWE.

This morning (June 21st 2002) Kane was in Cleveland, Oh promoting the WWE. I did not get to hear all of it, but here it goes. He expects to be feuding with X-Pac when he gets back, over his mask.

For promotional appearances, he has been wearing an old beat up mask (I guess the WWE does not want him to be recognized as Isaac Yankem). He brushed off the rumors that he is getting a new outfit and mask. He said that he plans on being back in 6 weeks.

He said that he was proud of his "brother" for winning the title again (keep in mind that he was not using his Kane voice, so it came of kind of weird as they kept breaking and going back in to Kayfabe) - Credit to WDC.

{Tuesday 18th June 2002}  "Kane (Biceps) - He continues to rehab with lightweights at home and he is expected to be ready to return in about seven weeks" - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE - be aware that this was put up a few days ago, so it is about 6 weeks now before Kane's return.  However, NOTHING is guaranteed so we can all hope for the best.

{Tuesday 11th June 2002} 
DDP, who has been running from doctor-to-doctor lately to see if he can still wrestle, and Kane, who has been on the sideline for quite some time with a bicep injury, hosted RAW at "The World" formerly known as WWF New York yesterday.  however, they weren't shown on Raw, so only the lucky fans at The World got to see Big Red.  Credit to WrestleZone.

Kane - "Dr. Andrews was happy with his progress and has allowed him to begin training with light weights. He is expected to be ready to return in about eight weeks" - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

{Tuesday 4th June 2002}

SmackDown! in Atlantic City

Date : 07/09/2002
Time : 7:30 p.m.
Venue : Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall
City/State : Atlantic City , New Jersey

Ticket Information :
On sale June 15. Tickets are available at the Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets. Charge-by-phone by calling (800) 736-1420.

Ticket prices are $45, $35, $30 and $20. Ticket purchases may be subject to service/convenience charges and facility fees.

Meet Kane at the Box Office beginning at 10 a.m. on June 15 -- the day tickets go on sale for this event!

Event Card :
Card is subject to change - Credit to WWE.

{Saturday 25th May 2002} 
Kane continues his therapy at home for his biceps and has an appointment with Dr. Andrews on June 3. His surgery was on April 16 and he is expected to be out a total of three to four months - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

Kane (biceps) is doing well with therapy and has started to work on rotating his hand, which is causing some difficulty at this point in his rehab. He will be seeing Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., on June 3 for an evaluation - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

{Sunday 12th May 2002} "
Kane continues his therapy at home to improve his biceps" - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

{Sunday 5th May 2002}
Kane out 3-4 months - Kane tore his right biceps while training on Sunday and will be out of action three to four months, according to World Wrestling Federation Senior Vice President of Talent Relations Jim Ross.

"This is a very unfortunate injury to one of our most valuable talents," J.R. said. "Timing is never good, but this injury occurring so close from the brand extension will be challenging for us. Kane's surgery went very well and he is expected to be back at 100 percent in four months, as the entire biceps was torn."

"Dr. James Andrews operated on the former Federation Champion on Tuesday in Birmingham, Ala. Andrews -- one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in the world -- has performed surgeries on numerous other superstars, most recently on Kevin Nash, who also tore his biceps."

Kane is doing well one week after biceps surgery and will have the stitches removed from his arm on Tuesday.

"Happy birthday to the Big Red Machine today. This big horse is sorely missed from our live events."

"Kane is set to return in three months from his torn biceps." - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

{Saturday 30th March 2002}
"Kane's promo on SmackDown! was a classic moment for the big fella, who I feel can be a long-term, main-event star in this company for years to come. With some subtle changes to this athlete's persona, I think Kane is money in the bank. As I have said here many times, let him talk more and watch the Big Red Machine grow into one of our most viable top-level hands" - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

Next weekend's house shows in Salt Lake City and Denver and will be headlined by Austin vs. Undertaker, Kane/Bradshaw vs. nWo, and RVD vs. X-Pac, among others - Credit to WWE.

{Friday 8th March 2002} 
The WWE Canadian version of the Forcible Entry CD will feature a track that will not be available in the United States. The song will be "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven. It is expected to be used as Kane's new WWE theme in the coming weeks.

Rock's Hottest Stars Get Down & Dirty on WWE Forceable Entry CD Featuring Creed, Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, Drowning Pool, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Sevendust, Saliva, & Others

SmackDown! Records (TM)/Columbia Records Compilation in Stores

Tuesday, March 26th

STAMFORD, Conn. and NEW YORK, March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- SmackDown! Records(TM), a division of World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc., and Columbia Records is releasing WWE Forceable Entry, a knock-out compilation of the World Wrestling Federation(R)'s Superstars' most popular themes and killer tracks performed by a Who's Who of contemporary aggro-rock. Highlights include the first U.S. release of a rare Creed track, Kid Rock performing an ass-kicking update of ZZ Top's classic "Legs," exclusive remixes of Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People," Limp Bizkit's "Rollin," Cypress Hill's "Rock Superstar" and more. WWE Forceable Entry is in stores Tuesday, March 26th.

Music plays an integral part in the global World Wrestling Federation(R) phenomenon and WWE Forceable Entry brings together the sounds of the greatest World Wrestling Federation(R) themes performed by the hottest acts in rock. The tracks on WWE Forceable Entry will be integrated into all World Wrestling Federation(R) programming.

WWE Forceable Entry

Tracks & World Wrestling Federation(R) Superstars

1.   Drowning Pool "The Game" (Triple H(TM)'s Theme)
2.   Kid Rock "Legs" (Stacy Kiebler(TM)'s Theme)
3.   Creed "Young Grow Old"
4.   Disturbed "Glass Shatters" (Stone Cold Steve Austin(TM)'s Theme)
5.   Limp Bizkit "Rollin'" (Undertaker(R)'s Theme)
6.   Our Lady Peace "Whatever" (Chris Benoit(TM)'s Theme)
7.   Rob Zombie "Never Gonna Stop" (The Black Cat Crossing Mix) (Edge(TM)'s Theme)
8.   Breaking Point "One Of A Kind" (Rob Van Dam(TM)'s Theme)
9.   Marilyn Manson "The Beautiful People" (Remix) (SmackDown!(TM) Theme)
10. The Union Underground "Across The Nation" (RAW(TM) Theme)
11. Sevendust "Break The Walls Down" (Chris Jericho(TM)'s Theme)
12. Saliva "Turn The Tables" (Dudley Boyz(TM)' Theme)
13. Monster Magnet "Live For The Moment" (Hardy Boyz(TM)' Theme)
14. Stereomud "End Of Everything" (Raven(TM)'s Theme)
15. Neurotica "Ride Of Your Life"
16. Cypress Hill "Just Another Victim" (Tazz(TM)'s Theme)
17. Dope "No Chance" (Mr. McMahon(TM)'s Theme)
18. Boy Hits Car "Lovefurypassionenergy" (Lita(TM)'s Theme)

Credit to WWE.

{Saturday 16th February 2002}  "
Kane certainly strikes me as a top main-event-level talent and will no doubt be given the opportunity to get there on a full-time basis in the next few weeks.

The Big Red Machine needs to be hittin' on all cylinders around the time the rosters split. Kane was great on the "Weakest Link" (scheduled to air March 10) and has the ability to expand his character when he starts speaking more on our programs" - Credit to The Ross Report at WWE.

The WWE special of the popular TV quiz show - "The Weakest Link", hosted by Anne Robinson, was taped Tuesday 7th February in Los Angeles.  It will air on March 10th.

America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back
FOX Feb 16 09:00pm
Series/Reality, 60 Mins.
"WWE Special Edition", Episode #1520.
WWE wrestlers Kane and the Undertaker join efforts to catch a fugitive who killed one fan and paralyzed another - Credit to WrestleZone.

{Thursday 10th January 2002} 
It's been said that Kane sometime in the near future will go into an exclusive showdown with another WWE superstar. Yet, to reveal something personal will keep Kane in the dark perhaps for sometimes. Kane also says that he believes that during the rest of his WWE career that he will never be unmasked, and will remain as Kane and no one else - Credit to WrestleZone.

{Tuesday 1st January 2002}
  Team WWE's match against Team Alliance at the Survivor Series including Kane, The Undertaker, The Big Show, The Rock and Chris Jericho, was voted and shown as one of the top ten matches of 2001 on the last Raw of 2001.  Way to go Kane!