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To become listed in the Fan Directory, fill in the Fan Directory Form.  Show the world that Kane fans do exist!  You will be listed as soon as possible.  Thank you.  Please remember, this is *not* a place to gather e-mail addresses for Spam and abuse.  Anyone caught doing so will have action taken against them.

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Name / Date Added: Sarah / May 26th 2002
Age / Sex: -- / F
E-mail Address:
From: England
Why I'm a Kaniac: Because I LOVE Kane.

Name / Date Added: Jay / June 3rd 2002
Age / Sex: 15 / M
E-mail Address:
From: USA
Why I'm a Kaniac: I really like Kane because he kicked out of the Show Stopper.  Now that is hardcore.

Name / Date Added: Susan Kirk / June 3rd 2002
Age / Sex: 33 / F
E-mail Address:
From: UK
Why I'm a Kaniac: I started loving Kane after I heard about the fire, I had an accident with a candle when I had long hair, and the candle blew back and set my hair on fire!  Lucky my friend clapped it out I burnt all my face and neck so I no what its like Glenn I love Kane in his mask and his flame outfit and I love him coming out of the fire, love the music!

Name / Date Added: Marisol / 18th June 2002
Age / Sex: 27 / F
E-mail Address:
From: Chicago, IL / Puerto Rico
Why I'm a Kaniac: I adore him and respect him and love him and he is my big hero. Love Kane a lot and he is better than Booker T.

Name / Date Added: Bob / July 10th 2002
Age / Sex: 9 / M
E-mail Address:
From: USA
Why I'm a Kaniac: I love Kane.  He is my Hero.  I want to meet him.  (I am writing this for my son but the words are from his mouth, he is a disabled child, without Kane I do not know how we would distract him during his medical procedures.  So from a mom thank you for being there!), Tammy.

Name / Date Added: Gerda / July 10th 2002
Age / Sex: 31 / F
E-mail Address: Lilith1@zonnetr
From: The Netherlands
Why I'm a Kaniac: I have been a fan of Glenn Jacobs since his DDS role. I knew then that he was destined for greater things. When he became Kane I liked him ever more. What woman can resist a man like that? Tall, handsome and the brooding type and a great wrestler, what more can a woman ask for? I am a Kane fan 4 life!!!!

Name / Date Added: Brother in Hell / July 17th 2002
Age / Sex: -- / M
E-mail Address: --
From: Chile
Why I'm a Kaniac: Cannot forget when Taker raised Kane's hand! Can't forget that Smackdown! Kane rules! The new Undisputed Champion!! The Big Red era!!!!!

Name / Date Added: Robert / July 17th 2002
Age / Sex: 18 / M
E-mail Address:
From: Germany
Why I'm a Kaniac: Kane is God.  Nobody is stronger and better.

Name / Date Added: Ricky Clyburn / August 4th 2002
Age / Sex: 15 / Male
E-mail Address:
From: USA
Why I'm a Kaniac: Kane is one of the most outstanding wrestler ever. He's the best. I like his mask, and his costume.  I'm writing a story about him and taker. I'm on my 74th page hand 
written. it will be released this fall. it's a great story. Kane hacks up useless teens 2 get 2 his brother, after the fatal accident occurred 12 years ago. it's a good story. Kane u are the best. I want Kane to dominate angle. Dominate the WWF I meant the WWE, do more Chokeslams.

Name / Date Added: Leo / August 17th 2002
Age / Sex: 21 / M
E-mail Address:
From: USA
Why I'm a Kaniac: Because I love Kane this guy rules. He is the Big Red Machine and everyone should fear his power cause one for being able to Chokeslam the biggest athlete in the world out of the ring (The Big Show), hehe now that's power and he just rules!!!!!!