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A great Kane site which includes, quotes, articles, message board, picture gallery and a whole lot more.  This site is a must see for Kane fans and I'm privileged to have KISS as an affiliate!  Click on the banner to visit their site.

This is an awesome website if you have a sense of humor!  The site is run by Mary who is responsible for a lot of Wallpapers at Kaniacs.  There's a whole bunch of great wallpaper to see there.  Be sure not to miss this one!  Click on the banner to visit the site.

A great site for Kane and Taker wallpaper, avatars, WWE and more.  A lot of beautiful artwork is held here too, make sure you check it out.  Click on the banner above to visit the site!

One of THE BEST Undertaker sites I have ever seen!  It has just about everything Taker, including images, sounds, pictures and lots more.  Whether you're a Taker fan or not, this is a must see.  Click the button above to visit the site.

Neat Brothers of Destruction site with pictures, wallpaper, news and more.

Nice Kane site with pictures, news, wallpaper and more.

Great site on Trish Stratus, containing pictures, news, reviews, scans and much more!