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There are a lot of people who have helped me with this site so here I've decided to put their names and a link to them if possible, also your link will be here if I've used any of your creations.  If you have helped and you aren't here, e-mail me at 

Thank you to the following:

Thanks to Kane/Glenn Jacobs!  If he wasn't here, this site wouldn't be up.  This site was made out of respect and admiration for ya, big guy!

A huge thank you to Noc & Blue of Club Masters who helped a lot!  From frames to just about everything!  Stop by their Group sometime if you get the chance.

The following people from the GeoCities Help Chat room and no they don't work there.  They helped me a lot with my site.  Stop by there and ask if you need help.

Daniel_Hozac (Daniel)
Flash_SSI_XHTML_css_HTML (Matt)
M_e_z_z_o (MezZo)
Rubyfire41 (Ruby)
Wise_Old_Man_Can_Help (Wise)
Packy_Bowl (Packy)
Game-Hints (Games)

These are sites that have helped me.  Pay them a visit if you can.

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