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28th June 1998 (King of the Ring)

WWE Title - Kane vowed before the match that if he lost, he would set himself on fire! Austin and Kane battled in a First Blood match. It was a gruelling match up but Kane won in the end when The Undertaker ran in and hit Austin with a chair causing him to bleed! This was the first title Kane won in the WWE!

14th July 1998

WWE Tag Titles - Mankind and Kane - Kane and Mankind took advantage of the New Age Outlaws' vendetta with the Nation of Domination to capture their first World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship. In the midst of a brawl between Nation members and D-Generation X outside the ring, the Nation's D'Lo Brown sneaked through and nailed a Frog Slash on a prone Road Dogg. The impact of the splash combined with D'Lo's chest protector stunned the Dogg and left him fodder for Kane to finish him off with a Tombstone Piledriver.

10th August 1998

WWE Tag Titles - Mankind and Kane - Kane and Mankind defeated the New Age Outlaws, The Rock and D'Lo Brown and champions Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker in Four Corners Match to win their second World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship on the August 10, 1998 edition of RAW IS WAR. After the ring slowly cleared following a brawl between all eight competitors, Undertaker chokeslammed D'Lo and tossed Gunn over the top rope. But out of nowhere, Kane caught his brother in a chokeslam and pinned Taker to win the match and the Tag Team Championship.

30th March 1999

WWE Tag Titles - X Pac and Kane - Kane and X Pac had to team up to take out common enemies. Although Jeff Jarret and Owen Hart were really that much of enemies, Kane and X Pac faced off with them in a Tag titles match up. They won the match after Kane grabbed X Pac by the throat (everyone thought Kane was going to turn on X Pac) and threw him on top of Owen Hart for the win!

9th August 1999

WWE Tag Titles - X Pac and Kane - In an historic RAW from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, X Pac returned from injury and teamed with Kane to defeat The Acolytes with the X Factor. The bond between X Pac and Kane was better then ever, they even came out with a mixed theme tune and mixed pyros!

April 1st 2001 (Wrestlemania 17)

WWE Hardcore Title - Kane faced The Big Show and Raven in a brutal Triple Threat Hardcore match up. They fought basically all over the arena, riding on golf carts throughout the experience as well! At the end, Kane won after he kicked Big Show and Raven off the stage and jumped onto Big Show for the pin!

17th April 2001

WWE Tag Titles - The Undertaker and Kane - The Brothers of Destruction faced Edge and Christian in a No DQ match up. Although Austin and Triple H interfered, Kane and The Undertaker still won the Tag titles after Christian went for his Last Ride.

20th May 2001 (Judgment Day)

WWE Intercontinental Title - Kane faced Triple H in a Chain match. It was said to be the best match of the night. Kane gained the Intercontinental title after Austin interfered and inadvertently hit Triple H with a chair!

9th August 2001

WCW Tag Team Titles - The Undertaker & Kane took on Chuck Palumbo and Sean O' Haire and basically kicked the hell out of them. The match ended with stereo Chokeslams from the Brothers of Destruction!

19th August 2001 (SummerSlam)

WWE Tag Team Titles - Kane and The Undertaker battled DDP & Kanyon in a cage match, with The Brothers of Destruction's WCW Tag titles on the line as well as DDP's & Kanyon's WWE Tag titles on the line. DDP & Kanyon got the hell kick out of them, Kanyon got let go by Kane and then they both beat up on DDP. When everything was done, Kane and The Undertaker were the first ever tag team to hold both WWE and WCW Tag Team titles!

23rd September 2002 (RAW)

WWE Tag Team Titles - It was to be Kane and a Mystery Partner against The UnAmericans Lance Storm and Christian, who were the current tag champs.  It turns out that Kane's partner is the 'just defected' from the Smackdown brand crime fighting Superhero The Hurricane!  The match went back and forth for a while, Regal and Test interfered but got thrown out of ringside by the referee.  Kane and The Hurricane captured the titles with stereo Chokeslams.  After the match, before Kane and The Hurricane went to the Hurricave to celebrate, Kane planted a fat kiss on Terri!

30th September 2002 (RAW)

WWE Intercontinental Title - Kane faced Jericho for the title where the winner would proceed to No Mercy to face Triple H in a Unification match of the World title and the Intercontinental title.  The match went back and forth, with interference from HHH and Ric Flair in aid of Jericho but Kane still fought them off.  In the end, Kane delivered a Chokeslam from Hell to capture the title and win the right to face HHH at No Mercy!