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Now the WWE are back in full control and Vince back to his old self.  The Undertaker changed alot when he made JR kiss Vince's ass live on Raw, demanding respect.  This is the first point at where The Undertaker and Kane have begun to go their own ways.  Kane refuses to comment on his brother's actions and we haven't seen them together since the JR ass kiss segment.  Kane and The Big Show defeated The Hardyz to become the number one contenders for the Tag titles and took on the Dudleyz at WWE Vengeance.  They could have won the titles but due to miscommunication between Kane and Big Show, the Dudleyz grabbed the win and retained their titles.

Now, after all that...Kane is without a proper storyline and it is nearing the Royal Rumble.  Kane took on Edge on Smackdown for the Intercontinental title and lost the match due to his mask nearly fully coming off!  We saw Kane have fun at the WWE Christmas party with Big Show, Albert, Edge and others.  Now it's 2002.  A new year and a time for Kane to grab that opportunity.  Some say he will be unmasked, we will just have to wait and see.

Kane sadly missed a couple of shows at the beginning of the year due to unknown reasons, but when he returned, he made an impact!  Kane returned on Smackdown chokeslamming Austin and Angle to hell, only to be choke slammed by The Big show.  It was all about the Royal Rumble!  Kane entered number 28 in the Rumble, and eliminated The Big Show by picking him up and throwing him over the top rope.  Tell ME, you didn't just read that!  Yes you did!  Unfortunately Kane took a stunner and an Angle Slam over the top rope to be eliminated, but Kane had made his presence felt.  The next night on Raw, Big Show came and shook Kane's hand in respect, due to Kane being the first ever person in history to pick up The Big Show and throw him over the top rope.  Billy and Chuck suddenly appeared after Big Show left and exclaimed they had been looking for Kane everywhere!  Since they all liked the colour red, Billy and Chuck made a red head band for Kane!  Kane refused and took a beating from the bandanna boys, only to create a match later that evening; Kane vs. Billy and Chuck.  In a sign of ultimate respect, Big show came out to tag with Kane and together they decimated Billy and Chuck.  Unfortunately, when Kane climbed the top rope for his flying lariat, Big Show caused him to fall off and thus cost them the match-up.

Big Show and Kane fought The Dudleyz in a table match the next Smackdown and Big Show inadvertently got Kane hit and while Kane was climbing up on the ring apron, Big Show whipped Bubba to the ropes and that sent Kane flying backwards through a table, costing them the match.  This was the last straw and Kane and Big Show exchanged numerous words before they had to be broken up by officials.  A match was made for Raw.  big Show vs. Kane.  This was a great match, with Kane kicking out of the Showstoppa chokeslam, body slamming Big Show and picking up the win by giving him a chokeslam from hell!

Kane was now again left with no feud and nothing to do really.  He missed a couple of shows and fought Mr. Perfect at a Raw, beating him with the chokeslam.  When we thought all was lost, Kane came out to take on Angle on Smackdown who was challenging anyone to come out who he could take out his frustrations on.  The match didn't last long as Kane won by DQ due to Angle using a chair.  Angle put Kane through the announcers table and locked him in the ankle lock!  The next Raw, Kurt had a title shot against Chris Jericho.  Kane came through the crowd and beat up Angle on the outside and shoved him in, costing Angle the title.  Kane picked up two chairs to attack Angle with but Angle ran through the crowd and Kane chased him to the back!  Could this mean an Angle vs. Kane match at WrestleMania 18?  We will have to wait and see.

Ok, so the next Smackdown it was Kane Vs Y2J, Kane had the match won, but Angle interfered, causing Jericho to win.  Kane went after Angle, they both fought to the back but Angle got the upper hand and trapped Kane under a garage door while repeatedly hitting him over the head with a chair.  Kurt came out the next Raw, saying Vince McMahon had granted the both of them a match at WrestleMania.  Kane made a no-show at that episode of Raw.  the next Smackdown, it was Angle vs. RVD.  Regal interfered, causing Angle to win, but as he was walking to the back, Kane came out and dragged him back to the ring, but Angle ran off and Kane chased after him...only to be stopped by Regal!  Regal got a chokeslam from hell for his troubles.

WrestleMania came along and Kane and Angle put on another great match.  They both kicked out of each other's finishers but Angle eventually got the win by using the ropes for leverage.  The next night on Raw, Kane and Edge took on Booker T and Angle in a tag team match.  Kane and Edge won the match after Angle received the Edgecution.  Also, on that Raw, there was an announcement that there would be a roster split the following Raw, wrestlers would be picked by both Flair for Raw and Vince for Smackdown.  Kane wasn't on the next Smackdown.

On Raw, Kane was picked by Flair.  He also interfered in the Rock and Hogan Vs NWO match-up.  Evening the odds by beating the hell out of the NWO.  The next Thursday on Smackdown, Kane would team up with Hogan and The Rock to take on the nWo.  Before the match, Kane met up with both his partners and did impressions of them both, and called his fans "Kaneanites" creating a huge jump for his character and shocking the world.  In the match, Hogan was getting taken out by Hall but Kane got the hot tag in and cleaned house, he got knocked to the turnbuckle but as X Pac was about to pull the Bronco Buster on him, Kane grabbed him by the throat and delivered a chokeslam from hell, as the thousands of Kaneanites screamed on, to give his team the win!  Next Raw, will be the first show of the roster split, and you can bet your ass that the Big Red Ass Kicking Machine will be there to make an impact!

On the first Raw of the roster split, Kane faced X Pac, who had fellow nWo members at ringside.  Obviously they interfered but Kane still came out on top.  Only to be attacked by the nWo.  Bradshaw came running down to help out Kane and both superstars cleared the ring.  On the next Raw there was a rematch of the previous Raw.  However, this time it was an anywhere falls match.  Kane was dominating the whole match until they got to the back where the other nWo members ambushed him.  X Pac beat Kane and then unmasked him.  Luckily for Kane though, his face was facing the ground and no one could see it.  The nWo still brutally assaulted him with chair shots until Bradshaw chased them away.  Now Kane has been away for a long time due to this ambush.  He is expected to be back around August, so be sure to check back here then for more on this continuing story.

WOW!  It's been a long and winding 4+ months before I updated the story yet again.  The Kaniacs have been impatiently awaiting The Big Red Machine's return, however, he has been doing autograph signings, touring in Australia and getting on TV to keep himself busy while he's out of the ring.  On the August 5th edition of RAW, where all the Kaniacs were expecting Kane to return...he didn't.  Lucky for us, the WWE decided to start hyping Kane's return on that very episode!  We saw a promo video of Kane with the punch line "The Fire Still Burns".  This sparked hallelujah in The Land of the Kaniacs.  However, controversy began to appear as Kane's The Fire Still Burns video was aired on the next Smackdown as well.  How could that be?!  Kane is a RAW Superstar.  Onto the next episode of RAW, Howard Finkel was dissing Lillian Garcia regarding announcing, when Kane's pyro hit, causing Howard to nearly wet his pants.  Kane didn't turn up, but "the Fire Still Burns was written on the TitanTron.  The same happened on the next Smackdown, right after Jamie Knoble screwed Torrie Wilson out of her match with Nidia.  The fires of hell exploded but a no show for Kane but with a little riddle: The Time is NEAR . . . No More DARKNESS . . . The Flames Scar the NIGHT . . . The Fire Still BURNS.  Tazz commented that he had heard Kane was coming to Smackdown.  The next Raw episode, on August 19th, we received part two of the riddle, it came with a bang right after the Hardcore brawl: My Future is Clear...A Date with he Devil...A Dance with his Mistress...My Path is Chosen.  Everyone was expecting the final part of the riddle to appear on Smackdown, however, the normal pyros appeared, this time INCLUDING the ring post pyros in the middle of Matt Hardy's match!  This is an indiciation that Kane's return is right around the corner, most definitely Summerslam.

Well, after a disappointing no show at Summerslam, the Kaneanites got their Kane fix on RAW!!!  The Big Red Machine returned, causing the birth of millions of new Kaneanites around the world.  The UnAmericans were out bashing the USA as usual.  Test was going to burn the flag, but Kane's pyro went off...but the riddle appeared on the screen and everyone thought it was just another tease.  Test went back to work, but The Book and Goldust ran out, however, they were out numbered by the UnAmericans.  Test was just about to burn the flag when Kane's pyro went off and this time The Big Red Machine came out, complete with a new mask and a new costume.  He kicked some major UnAmerican butt, and then did the Kane-A-Rooni to the delight of the Kaneanites!  J.R and The King were happy to have Kane back on RAW.  There are some Big Things in store for this special Big Red Machine.  All we can do is wait.

On the next RAW, Kane went on to face Lance Storm and Christian in  a handicap match.  Kane got the win after Chokeslamming Storm to hell, but after the win Test came down and gave Kane the big boot.  As Test was about to burn the American flag, Bradshaw ran down to save the flag and he and Kane cleaned house.  The next time all four of these men met, they faced each other for the Tag titles, Kane and Bradshaw against The UnAmericans, but unfortunately lost due to outside interference from the other UnAmericans.  The next RAW, Kane faced William Regal and as expected, there was outside interference.  This time, Kane received some help from fellow Americans Booker T, Buh Buh Ray and Goldust.  Book got on the microphone and challenged The UnAmericans to face Kane, Booker T, Goldust and Buh Buh in an 8 man Tag Team match at Unforgiven.  They agreed.  The eight man tag team match was the first match of the night at Unforgiven and The UnAmericans received a good beating, not to say they didn't dish some out.  Everyone was waiting for Kane to get the tag in, which he finally did and cleaned house, chokeslamming Lance Storm for the win.

The post-Unforgiven RAW would have Kane and a Mystery Partner face Lance Storm and Christian for the Tag Titles.  The Hurricane turned out to be Kane's mystery partner. As usual, there was outside interference from Test and Regal, but this time the referee banned them from ringside, allowing the match to go and, and Kane and Hurricane to give Lance and Christian stereo Chokeslams for the win and the Tag Team Championships.  Right before Kane and Hurricane went to celebrate, Kane laid a big fat wet kiss on Terri!  Next RAW, Chris Jericho, who was the current Intercontinental champion, would face Kane in a title match and the right to face the World Champion, Triple H, at No Mercy in a title unification match which would unify the IC title and the World title into one.  Before the match Y2J enlisted the services of Ric Flair and Triple H, who interfered in the match to help Y2J.  Kane however, fought them off and laid a Chokeslam from Hell on Y2J to capture the IC gold.  Kane is now a DOUBLE champ, he's one half of the Tag champs and has the IC title.  He'll also go on to face HHH at No Mercy!  The next RAW was in Las Vegas, where all the matches of the night's stipulations would be picked by a Roulette Wheel.  It turned out that Kane and The Hurricane would have to face three other teams in a TLC Match, both Kane's and Hurricane's first ever TLC match!  Their opponents were the teams of Buh Buh and Spike, Jeff Hardy and RVD, and Y2J and Christian.  While Terri was interviewing Kane, Coach came and told Hurricane that HHH was attacking Hurricane.  Kane went to Hurricane's aid and chased off HHH.  It turned out Hurricane was too injured to wrestle in the TLC match, so Kane would have to defend the titles on his own against other competitors who had previously been in TLC matches or involved in them!  The match started off with everyone attacking Kane, but he fought them off.  Kane laid a Chokeslam on Y2J from the ladder, he received a Van Terminator from RVD but still managed to defend the Tag gold on his own by climbing the ladder and getting both titles.  As Kane celebrated, HHH comes out with Ric Flair and says that Kane's the happiest he has ever been in his life, well, Katie Fick isn't.  She isn't because she's DEAD.  Triple H says he knows Kane killed her ten years ago.  Just before RAW fades out, Triple H says "Kane, you're a murderer".

To be continued...