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The legacy of the Undertaker and Kane goes back a long way.
Once upon a time there was a happy family - a mother, a father, and two young boys. The parents ran a funeral parlor, which employed a young man named Paul Bearer. The family led a happy life, until one fateful day changed their lives.

The older of the two brother returned home one day to find his house in flames. A horrific fire had torn through his home, taking the lives of his parents and his brother.

After seeing his entire family taken from him, the young man sought solace in death. He reveled in it. He aligned himself with Paul and became the very embodiment of death. That man would make his World Wrestling Entertainment debut in 1990, known as the Undertaker.

With Paul Bearer at his side, the Undertaker blazed a trail of success in the Entertainment unlike anything ever seen before - until one fateful night at SummerSlam 1996. On that night, Paul Bearer turned his back on the Undertaker, saying that he had lost his edge, that he "wasn't the Phenom anymore."

The two men stayed apart until the Undertaker won the Entertainment Championship at WrestleMania 13 in 1997. After that, Bearer tried to jump on the Taker's bandwagon, but the Taker refused to let him back. So Paul Bearer blackmailed the Undertaker, saying that he had dirt on him that would ruin him.

It worked, for a few months. But the Undertaker could only cope with being a kept man for so long. Soon the Undertaker shunned Bearer. It was then that we learned the Phenom's grave secret - his brother, Kane, was still alive!

According to Bearer, Kane had been hideously burned in the fire, but survived. For years, Paul Bearer had nursed him back to health. In that time, Kane had watched his brother become a dominant force in the World Wrestling Entertainment. Kane had dreamed of one day becoming a Entertainment Superstar just like his brother - and then destroying him! You see, Kane held the Undertaker responsible for the fire, the death of his parents and his disfigurement.

Although the Undertaker acknowledged the fire, he could not believe Bearer's claims that Kane was still alive. But that declaration would become a reality at the October 1997 Badd Blood Pay-Per-View. As the Undertaker prepared to finish off Shawn Michaels in the first Hell in a Cell match, a mysterious red light filled the arena, and Kane made his way to the ring! Understandably, the Undertaker looked like he had seen a ghost! Before the Undertaker could say a word, Kane attacked his brother, and then Tombstoned him!

For months, Kane took every opportunity to disrupt Entertainment programming, assaulting practically the entire roster, and vowing to keep it up until the Undertaker agreed to fight him. His message was a simple one - he wanted revenge. But the Undertaker flat-out refused, and the siblings seemed to have a symbolic unification in early 1998 - until one Casket Match would change everything. At the 1998 Royal Rumble, Undertaker challenged Shawn Michaels for the Entertainment Championship. During the match, Kane came out, ostensibly to help his brother, but he instead attacked the Undertaker, and helped Michaels seal him in the casket for the win. But the worst was yet to come. After the match, Kane poured gasoline over the casket and lit it on fire!

Strangely, when Entertainment officials finally put out the fire and opened the casket, the Undertaker was no where to be found. It wasn't until a month later that the Undertaker mad his mysterious re-appearance, agreeing to fight his brother one-on-one for the first time! Indeed, at WrestleMania XIV in 1998, the Undertaker pinned his younger brother, even though it took three Tombstones to do it!
The next month at Unforgiven, the brothers again battled - this time in an Inferno Match! The Undertaker again vanquished his younger brother when he set him on fire!

The brothers would again butt heads on the June 1, 1998 episode of RAW, in a match which would determine the No. 1 contender for the World Wrestling Entertainment Championship. Kane won the match and headed to King of the Ring to face Stone Cold Steve Austin in a First Blood Match for the title. Kane vowed that if he didn't win the title, he would set himself on fire and breathe his last breath! Despite the tension between them, Undertaker vowed he wouldn't let that happen, and at King of the Ring, it was the Undertaker's chair shot to Stone Cold that would help his brother become Entertainment Champion - even though Kane lost the title back to the Rattlesnake the next day!

They say that blood is thicker than water, but Mr. McMahon would soon prove that money is thicker than blood, as the Entertainment chairman emptied his pockets to the brothers to get the title away from Austin. The two brothers were now on the same page, and at the Breakdown Pay-Per-View in September 1998, the two brothers took the championship from Stone Cold in a Triple Threat Match. But with no clear champion decided (both men pinned Austin for the title at the same time), a match was made between the two brothers at Judgment Day the next month to determine the clear champion. When no winner was announced there, the brothers faced off in the second round of the Deadly Game Tournament at Survivor Series 1998. The Undertaker picked up the win after Paul Bearer turned his back on Kane and rejoined the Phenom!  From there, the Undertaker and Kane would drift apart a bit. The Undertaker was in the midst of forming the Ministry of Darkness, while Kane was more concerned with defending his and X-Pac's Tag Team Championship. At SummerSlam 1999, the Undertaker and the Big Show took the Tag Titles from Kane and X-Pac.

The Undertaker walked out of the WWE in September 1999 and didn't return until May 2000. Upon his return, he and Kane seemed to be tight. The reunion seemed complete. But then Kane again turned on his brother. Saying that he was a "monster," Kane tried to send his brother straight back to hell. At SummerSlam 2000, the men battled, but it was the Undertaker who got the last laugh, as the American Bad Ass unmasked his brother, revealing his gruesome face to the world.

For months after SummerSlam, the men's paths crossed. Finally, just before the 2001 Royal Rumble, the two seemed to be on the same page once again! To the shock of Entertainment fans, it seemed as if the two men had joined forces to create an unstoppable unit for the Royal Rumble!

The question remained -- could they co-exist? That question was answered at the Rumble with a resounding "yes." The Brothers Grim were indeed on the same page, which spelled doom for numerous superstars in the Rumble match.

Kane and the Undertaker are back together. That's good news for their family -- and bad news for every other competitor in the WWE!

The Two brothers have been kickin' ass ever since the Royal Rumble, they developed a feud with Rikishi & Haku which supposedly ended at Smackdown! Extreme with a First Blood match where the two brothers from hell came out on top busting the two Samoan Islanders up. It didn't stop there, at WWE No Way Out, in a Triple Threat Tag team title match which consisted of Edge & Christian, The Dudley Boyz and The Undertaker & Kane. Just as The Undertaker & Kane were about to win, Haku & Rikishi interfered and cost them the Tag Titles. After that, a few fights happened between these two teams but Undertaker & Kane came out on top after a 6-man Tag Team match which was The Brothers of Destruction and D'Von Dudley against Christian, Rikishi & Haku.  The match-up was mainly Undertaker, Kane and D'Von dominated and they won the match with the Last Ride. The highlight of the match was Kane assisting D'Von with the "Wasssup?!" Head butt!

After that, The Undertaker & Kane were mainly in singles matches but watching each others backs as usual. Undertaker got into a feud with Triple H before Wrestlemania 17 while Kane was having problems with The Big Show. Undertaker had a hell of a match against Triple H at Wrestlemania but he ended out on top, as he said to Triple H prior to the match, "This is MY yard.  The Undertaker sure proved it.

Kane was in a Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania for the Hardcore title against The Big Show and Raven (Hardcore Champion).  Kane came out on top and won the title.

As y'all know, That night at Wrestlemania, Austin beat The Rock for the WWE title by aligning himself with Vince McMahon!  These two then got Triple H to join them and they became an unstoppable force in the WWE, they had the chairman with them and they were two of the WWE's toughest superstars.  Also, The Commissioner William Regal was in their back pocket.

Now, Kane was Hardcore Champion and Undertaker seemed indestructible as he proved he was better than The Game.  Kane had a lot of successful title defenses.

Triple H & Austin were basically doing what they want, when they want now.  They even physically assaulted Lita brutally on RAW is WAR during an inter-gender Tag match up with Stephanie, Triple H and Austin against Team Extreme.  The same thing was about to happen on the following RAW is WAR but I think the Brothers of Destruction had seen enough.

The Undertaker & Kane came out to the ring making the save for Lita. It looked as if they were about to get it on with Austin & Triple H but that would have to wait another day as Triple H and Austin ran off.

Kane lost the Hardcore title to Rhyno the next Smackdown due to the interference of Austin & Triple H.  The brothers then went to see The Commissioner and burned his most of his office to persuade him to give them a deal on getting a match with Triple H & Austin! The Commissioner agreed but said that they could only have them if they could beat Edge & Christian in a no DQ Tag Team title match later that night. The Brothers of Destruction (Tag Team Champions) won the titles and have got their wish. They will face Austin (WWE Champion) & Triple H) Intercontinental Champion. Also Kane became the first ever WWE Superstar to lose a title and win a title in the same night!

At Backlash The Undertaker & Kane lost their titles because of outside interference. They both went on to Judgment Day where Kane beat Triple H for the Intercontinental Title and The Undertaker lost his fight for the WWE Title due to interference from Triple H. After that, Kane goes on to many successful title defences and someone is stalking The Undertaker's wife. This stalker turns out to be Diamond Dallas Page and The Undertaker is in no mood for playing games. DDP will be made famous, it's just a matter of time. Kane developed a feud with Albert but did beat him in a one on one match at Smackdown! So The Undertaker got his revenge on DDP @ KOTR but it didn't end there. Kane teamed up with Spike to take on the Dudleyz. Although the team of Kane & Spike lost, they had the last laugh when Kane chokeslammed Buh Buh through a table!

Just after KOTR, Kane lost the IC title to Albert because of interference from DDP. The feud between DDP continued until SummerSlam. Kane went on fighting different people and had a few moments against DDP. At WWE Invasion, Kane & Taker were in Team WWE taking on Team WCW. They lost thanks to Austin screwing the WWE and jumping ship. The feud between Taker and DDP continued to boil...Kanyon got involved which prompted Kane to get more of the action. Kane & Taker won the WCW Tag titles from Sean O' Haire and Chuck Palumbo on a Smackdown. On that same Smackdown, Kanyon and DDP won the WWE gold and a match was made for SummerSlam, Taker & Kane vs. DDP & Kanyon in a cage match. Winner takes both tag titles. This match was great! UT & Kane beat the hell out of DDP and Kanyon, they then let Kanyon go, and beat up DDP like he was a rag doll! In the end Taker chokeslammed DDP off the top rope and pinned him for the win. The next night on Raw, Sara beat DDP in a match which ended the feud for DDP/Taker. Kane & Taker have so far defended their WCW/WWE tag titles once against Edge and Christian.

In the next coming weeks, the team of Brian Adams and Brian Clark, otherwise known as Kronik being led by Steven Richards, attacked The Undertaker and Kane...causing them to lose the WWE Tag Team titles to the Dudley Boyz on Raw. Steven Richards said they attacked The Brothers of Destruction because the Undertaker was the one who caused the break-up of the RTC. The Undertaker and Kane faces off against Kronik for the wCw Tag Team titles at Unforgiven. The Brothers of Destruction successfully managed to defend their titles but lost them on Smackdown to Booker T and Test due to interference from Shane McMahon. This led to a singles match for both The Undertaker & Kane at Unforgiven. The Undertaker defeated Booker T but Kane lost to Test due to corrupt refereeing by Nick Patrick. Nick Patrick received two Chokeslams and a Powerbomb for his troubles!

The fight for survival went on between the WWE and Alliance and Kane became an important member of Team WWE to take on Team Alliance in a Winner Takers All match at Survivor Series.  Before this, on a Smackdown, Kane took on Kurt Angle (The person who supposedly turned to the Alliance) in one of the best matches this year!  The Winner Take All match at Survivor series was as awesome as expected, with Kane sadly being the second person from Team WWE being eliminated.  Stupid WWE writers.  they had to have the Rock as the last remaining person.  As you may know, it was Kurt Angle who saved the WWE by showing his true colours when he hit Austin on the head with the belt to allow The Rock to pick up the pieces.