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As we all know, from the WWE storyline, The Undertaker is Kane's big brother and Paul Bearer is Kane's father.  Also, apparently, The Undertaker and Kane's parents died when The Undertaker set fire to their house when they were very young which left Kane scarred for life.

Now that Sara, The Undertaker's wife, has been bought into the storyline mix, she is Kane's sister in law.  We have seen Kane assist her and The Undertaker.  Although Sara has been getting some TV time lately, she is only doing this on a temporary basis.  So we probably won't see Kane's sister in law for very long.

The Undertaker & Kane have been together without fighting each other since the beginning of the year which is a very long time for them because their allegiances don't last very long.  The Undertaker is quoted to have once said "Me and Kane are never going to be Wally and the Beaver, but one day we will have to put our differences aside for good".  Could this be the point The Undertaker was talking about?  We will just have to wait and see.

We already know about seven of the family, mother, father (The Undertaker's), Paul Bearer (Kane's father), Sara, The Undertaker and Kane.  Are there any other family members we don't know about?  Maybe a third brother or sister that was kept quiet about?  Kane's life in the WWE has always been rather mysterious.  That word describes his family.  What will we seen next from this family who have been to hell and back?  Only time will tell so we will all just have to wait and see.

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