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Kane Interview from Pile-Driver
By Unknown

Steven James: Welcome back, and we have a special guest, in studio live for the first time...the Big Red One himself...Kane!

Kane: Thanks. How are you tonight?

Kelly Hunter: Better now!

Steven James: Ignore her. She's into the whole pumped up thing.

Kane: (laughs)

Steven James: How's it feeling to be back in action?

Kane: I haven't technically gotten back into the action yet. But I'm glad I'm not sitting at home anymore.

Steven James: You and about a million fans. We've had more calls with questions about your return in the last two months than Kelly's, if you know what I mean.

Kane: (laughs) I'd classify that as TMI

Kelly Hunter: Stick with your questions ad-libber.

Steven James: So sorry to strike a nerve. All right, fan questions. You've got quite a large fan base now. How do you feel about them?

Kane: I'm loving it of course. They're the ones that make it worthwhile to go into this business in the first place.

Kelly Hunter: Admit it though, you have some strange fans out there.

Kane: Oh yeah, I have my share of freaks. But since I'm kind of the freak-promoter of the WWE, that makes it all right. (Laughs) I don't mind it. Especially if it's a woman that wants to get a little freaky...

Kelly Hunter: Ah, YES! I'm a freak and a half!

Steven James: As we've documented here on a weekly basis.

Kane: (laughing in background)

Kelly Hunter: So are you?

Kane: Am I what?

Kelly Hunter: So are you looking for a 'love interest'

Kane: Not you.

Kelly Hunter: Why not? I like big men.

Kane: You're a fan of Nash, aren't you?

Steven James: She worships his big sweaty ass!

Kane: (laughs)

Kelly Hunter: I admit I do...admire him.

Kane: Kane does not like women who worship Nash. If I am not your only Big Sexy, then you need to get lost.

Steven James: I guess he told you Kel. Why don't you step out so the grown ups can talk.

Kane: (laughing)

Steven James: So I take it you listen to her blabbering about her favorites?

Kane: I listen when we're in a market that carries the show. Usually don't listen to Kelly's commentary. Most of the guys she likes...well, I think I'll leave that, don't want to step on any toes.

Steven James: Anybody that you really don't get along with on the roster?

Kane: For the most part, I'm laid back with everybody. But there are a few that I will not name that get on my nerves. I work hard, and my best friends there work hard. And when guys come in that don't live up or at least strive for our work ethic, it irks me.

Steven James: Yes, we've heard stories that you are turning out to be quite a slave driver when it comes to training the other guys.

Kane: (laughs) I haven't had to break out the whips in a long time though.

Kelly Hunter: Whips?

Steven James: Uh oh. Looks like she just woke up. (general laughter)

Kane: Seriously, I take my conditioning very seriously. I've had this injury and it's put me behind on my weights. I've dropped a lot of lean muscle mass. So right now I'm concentrating on getting some of it back. But I will say right now I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. Physical therapy is good for that at least.

Kelly Hunter: I'd like to volunteer to nurse you back to health the next time you need it.

Steven James: Oh boy.

Kane: Did you not hear what I just said a few minutes ago?

Kelly Hunter: (laughing) I'm sorry. I should go offer my services to others in need then.

Steven James: Please.

(Kelly Hunter leaves studio) (Commercial break)

Steven James: Ok, we're back with Kane. I'm gonna ask you to do something extremely crazy. And that is...I've gotten an e-mail asking how you spell your name.

Kane: Uh...K...A...N...E

Steven James: (laughs) Not how to spell Kane. But you're alter ego. In one e-mail, this young lady says she has seen it spelled: G L E N N, G L E N, G L E E N (laughs) G L E E N?

Kane: It's Glen. GLEN. G...L...E...N. Just ONE N. I have no idea why people keep trying to give me 2 N's. My fans seem to stutter a lot when it comes to my name. Or maybe I just have bad penmanship.

Steven James: Speaking of fans. (laughs) You have some pretty rabid ones out there. Any thoughts or comments on them?

Kane: Actually yes. Please don't bite me. (laughs) (this is an inside joke on the show, explained in EP56) Seriously, I've become the freaky person's poster boy. I have to promote freaks and they have to like me. It's weird how that's caught on.

Steven James: Are you saying all your fans are freaks?

Kane: (laughs) Most of them are. Not in a bad way. I didn't mean to in any way imply that. But the intensity they put into liking the character we've created is amazing.

Steven James: From watching Raw last Monday, and hearing the POP, I'm pretty sure your fan base grew a bit while you were gone.

Kane: I don't know if it's grown or not. I think it's a case of absence making the heart grow fonder. I'm just grateful to be back, and coming back now, when there's all kinds of new stuff going on. It's like working for a whole new company.

Steven James: So...are you enjoying working with The Bisch? *Eric Bischoff

Kane: I haven't really worked with him yet. Give me time to learn to hate him. (laughs)

Steven James: I've never worked with him, and I can't stand him.

Kane: He's got a mind for the business. A little trouble controlling it sometimes, but still...

Steven James: It's kind of the way I feel about Dave in the booth. (laughs) *referring to David Reese, the show's production manager

Kane: As I said, I haven't really worked much with him though. I guess we'll see how things progress in the coming months.

Steven James: Any favorite fan encounters you want to relate to us?

Kane: There have been a hell of a lot. (laughs) Usually I don't stop to talk to fans going in or out of the arena...I'm supposed to be in character and I walk around with a towel over my head, or with the mask on. If you catch me out on a day off...then all bets are off. I probably drive them away because I tend to talk more than they do.

Steven James: Ear bender. (laughs)

Kane: I prefer to think of it as making up for all the time I don't say anything. (laughs) Although it is still a thrill to me when I get approached. As long as I'm not eating or working out...or if I'm in a movie theater trying to catch a flick...I'm pretty open to the fans.

Steven James: So your stalkers should watch for those times when your sitting in quiet reflection?

Kane: (laughs) As far as I know I'm not being stalked.

Steven James: Yet. (laughs)

Kane: There's always a first time for everything though.

Steven James: On a side note...please don't credit this program for planting ideas, listeners.

Kane: (laughs) I travel too much. Any potential stalkers would have to have some major bank. Or a pilot's license and a private jet.

Steven James: Shhh...don't give away the trade secrets. (laughs) Any last thoughts before we let you escape Kelly's clutches?

Kane: (laughs) Yeah, just one. Kelly is very...very...scary. (this is an inside joke on the program. See EP34)

Steven James: Well...we already knew that. (laughter from both) Thank you very much Kane for stopping by.

Kane: My pleasure.

Steven James: As always, the invite is open. Stop in anytime.

Kane: Thanks. I just might do that.

Steven James: I'll make sure Kelly has the night off if you do next time. (laughter from both) Steven James for Kelly Hunter and the Big Red Machine Kane. We're sending you back to the main desk. See ya next week!

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