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Mania Memories
By Kane

I was getting ready to come out to the ring at WrestleMania XIV at the FleetCenter in Boston, and [baseball great] Pete Rose was introduced as special ring announcer.  That was fine, except that I had a big match coming up against Undertaker, and Pete Rose got on the microphone and started sucking up the limelight.

I felt that he was showboating.  It wasnít about him.  It was about Undertaker and me.

Because Rose was making disparaging remarks about the Red Sox, he wasnít making friends with the Bostonians, so I gave him a Tombstone Piledriver.  The fans seemed to appreciate it.  For years, people wanted to see Pete Rose dropped on his head anyway.

Undertaker and I had a pretty intense, brutal match.  Undertaker gave me three Tombstones.  But I donít know how many people remember that.  All they seem to remember is what I did to Pete Rose.

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