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Interview with Kane
By Matt Duda

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Oct. 20, 2002 - The Big Red Monster celebrated his five-year anniversary with World Wrestling Entertainment this month. Shortly after his match at No Mercy against World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, caught up with Kane for his thoughts on his WWE run so far. So how are you feeling?

Kane: I'm feeling OK. It was a hell of a deal, so that's making the body feel not too good. On that Pedigree, I landed right on my head so that's another body part that's not feeling so good. But that's all right. Overall, what do you think about the match?

Kane: I thought the match was good. I thought the intensity was real good on both our parts. The people came to see a championship match and I think the intensity matched a championship match. To be completely honest, there were a couple of small blotches, but those things just happen every once in a while. You can't help it no matter how hard you try. I think we overcame that, especially at the finish. I don't think there was anybody in the whole place that was sitting down. Everybody was wondering what was going to happen. Basically in a match like that, when you're one of the top couple matches on a pay-per-view, the question you ask yourself is, "People paid good money to see this. Did they get their money's worth?" Yes, they did. It was five years ago this month that you debuted here in WWE. Does it seem like that long ago, and do you have any favorite moments from those past five years?

Kane: No, it doesn't. It seems like it was just yesterday. I look around the locker room, and it's funny. One of the kids in the locker room one day was saying something about how he had an injury and I said, "Well you know, this is how the old-timers took care of it." Undertaker looks at me and goes, "Kane, we are the old-timers!" (Laughs) No, it doesn't seem like it's been five years. I've had a tremendous time. I've had a great career here thus far and it truly doesn't seem like it's been five years.

As far as highlights working with the Undertaker both against him and with him as a tag team partner. Winning the WWE Championship. Multiple times winning the Tag Team Championship. Beating Triple H to win the Intercontinental Championship for the first time in a chain match which was a history-making thing because it was the first one in WWE history. One thing that really sticks out in my mind too is the interview I did with The Rock and Hulk Hogan. Who hasn't been doing Hulk Hogan impressions since they were 10 years old? And really, tonight was a highlight. I had a chance to make history. It didn't quite happen. Triple H has beaten everybody there is to beat. He's the best in the game. If I'm going to not make history, that's the guy I'd want to stop me from making history. You mentioned the interview you did with Hogan and The Rock. It wasn't that long ago where your character really didn't talk. You've undergone a lot of character development in a short period of time. How do you feel about the direction your character is taking?

Kane: Change is always a little bit scary. You know, Kane came in as a silent monster and that is always going to have a place in my heart. But it has to end. There's only so far you can go with things. I've actually been very pleased because I think I have a lot of personality. For four and a half years I didn't talk. I think people now have found out that Kane can talk and talk well. In the lingo, he cuts a hell of a promo. So I've been real happy with it. I'm looking forward to many years of expanding the character even more.

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