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Anne's Big Red Encounter - KB Clearance Toy Center Delaware August 10, 2002

Nothing could prepare me nor could any words describe meeting Kane. 

We (my mom and two bros) arrived at Brandywine Town Center (not Brandyville Town Center as posted on WWE) at 11:31 am due to the direction I got off Yahoo sucked big time... 

While waiting in line to get into KB Toys Clearance store I was "play" arguing with my mom and brother Dougie about giving Kane a mask I made in art class coughs last year. I told my brother named Jason to run back to the van and get the mask. In exchange for that I gave him my WWE mag from April 2001 with Kane on the cover to him and I held my prized gift with motherly pride.... 

Some people turned their noses at it or some laughed at it but I didn't care I held my head high. 

"I think he'll cherish it," My mom said to me.

Then we were ushered into the store by hand of people and I tried with no veil to see him. But alas I'm too short and they had well hidden. I was cool and calm about meeting him as the line got closer and closer I started to change. I got real scared (about meeting my fave wrestler besides taker) and my heart started to race. 

'Ok remember what Sylvia, Lynn, Lady Cat, Lady B and Nikki said about being normal' I said to myself.

That thought was forgotten when I saw him wearing a pair of red -n- black Nikes, black sweat pants, his WWE New York Jersey and his mask. 

"Oh my god it's him," I said to my mom tears filling my eyes and I grabbed unto her.

"Anne calm down," My mom said to me fanning me with the Noddy soundbook, "You're going to

Wiping tears from my eyes I took two deep breaths and waiting for the man in front of me to go. My hands were trembling as I took out of the mask and the guard nodded his head for me to go. 

"You're next Anne," My brother Dougie said to me. 

Walking on trembling legs and I walked up to the table with the mask in hand. 

"Hi," Kane said to me in that deep voice that sent shivers down my spine.

'Oh god' I said to myself 'Stay calm'.

"Hi," I said to him my voice trembling. 

I brought the mask in view and placed it on the table. He titled his head to the left and then back to normal position. Looked from me to the mask and back again. 

"Is that for me or do you want to keep it," Kane asked me 

'Give it him' My heart said to me.

"It's for you," I said to him watching his eyes widen in surprise and I smiled proudly.

"Thank you," Kane said to me handing it to the KB guy who placed it by his WWE book bag "I appreciate it very much." 

My heart started to beat rapidly and kept my cool. I thought I heard he try to shallow past a limp in his throat when he said that to me I guess I'll never know. 

"That mask I made back in my art class and it helped me past the class," I said to him as he kept his eyes on me while reaching for a picture to sign "And the 12th grade".

"That's Cool," Kane said to me signing the picture "Thanks for coming out today".

"Thank you," I said to him.

Again he shook my hand and I was amazed at the size of his hand. It engulfed mine and he has a very firm hand shake. I walked away holding my KANE picture and smile on my face never knowing I was going to get another surprise of my life. 


"Anne," I heard a lady scream. 

Turning my head to the left I saw Marce (Qayin) waving and holding a gray camera in her hands. 

"Oh god Marce," I said running to her and giving her a hug.

"Surprise," She said to me smiling. 

I walked around the metal bar to see Marce and I gave her another hug. Turning my head to the right I
saw Kim standing there with smile.

"Oh my god Kim," I squealed in utter delight.

Then I gave her a hug too and I waved my mom and brothers over to them. 

"Mom this Marce and Kim," I said to her and my brothers proudly still trying to pinch myself. 

They all shook hands and I stayed with them to talk with them for short time until I had to leave. I gave them a hug again and waved good bye to them.... Both Marce and Kim are the most friendly, funny, and all around Kaneanite supporting ladies I know. Glad I could meet Kane and them.