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Linda's Big Red House Show Experience - January 4th 2002

Here it is, thanks to Linda for allowing me to put her experience here!  Be sure to join her Yahoo! Group - IF YOU'RE FEMALE - Don't say you haven't been warned: Kane & Taker's Lusty Ladies

And now, onto her Kane Experience...

This was the first time the WWE had been back to Binghamton in quite some time. Actually the last time they had been there my husband, sister, and I had gone up there to find out that the show had been cancelled! The arena was sold out last night. The crowd was wild. We had great seats, right where the wrestlers come out. I waited very impatiently for the main event. The first person out was Kurt Angle. He got huge heel heat. Next out was Jericho. He got a great ovation until the crowd all at once seemed to remember he was a heel! LOL Then came my baby! At this point I was standing on my chair! Kane got the biggest pop! The crowd went wild and I almost fell off my chair! I know everybody who has ever seen him has told me how huge he is, but until you see this man for yourself you have no idea how very huge he is! Then came HHH! The place erupted! When he got in the ring he stood there and looked around and I swear he had tears in his eyes! Kane carried much of the match, as I knew he would, since this was HHH's first match in eight months. At one point Kane was down on the ring floor and it got kinda quiet, I can't remember if he was wrestling Jericho or Angle at that point because I was just looking at him! Anyway, I yelled "Come on Kane!" kinda like you could hear Taker do when they were tagging, anyway after I yelled that others started yelling for him and the crowd started stomping their feet and clapping real loud! I was sitting there all proud like "See what I started for you Honey!" ROFL HHH looked to be in real great shape! No ring rust here at all! He even did a pedigree! Naturally Kane and HHH won! Afterwards Kane went to shake HHH's hand, but HHH wouldn't shake Kane's hand! I thought "uh oh here we go". Kane got out of the ring in a snit and started up the ramp. HHH said "Kane we have some unfinished business, and if you have the balls you'll get yer ass back here in the ring!" Kane stormed the ring. They stood there and stared at each other. HHH extended his hand, Kane shook it! Too Cute! LOL Kane went to the sides of the ring and raised his arms to the crowd, HHH stood on each corner and motioned to the crowd. Kane did his back flip thingy and left. HHH took the mic again and said "I had two broken things, a broken leg and a broken heart, tonight you fixed both!" The crowd went totally wild! It was a great show! HHH looked like he has not lost anything at all! He looked like he hasn't been gone for eight months! And I think he was totally surprised by the reaction he got, there were moments when he just stood there and looked at the crowd and you could tell he was choked up! Oh one funny thing I had forgot to mention, my friend, ended up with seats not too far away from us. She was standing on her chair, taking picture and all of a sudden you could hear her yell, as she focused her zoom lens on Kane's butt, "OMG Kane has a NICE ASS!" ROFL!

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Click on the above pictures to see them in full size - They are the pictures Linda took at the show she attended.  thanks again Linda!